JessieLee Sometimes I debate in my head whether or not to pick up my glass and get a drink. 010121
devotchka i am so unmotivated
to do anything.
lethargy is in.
it is the cool thing to do.
complete space case.
that is me.
i am the master.
hm, i'll finish writing this later...
nahuatzel 7 deadly sins:
ClairE You say you are lazy. Well, I'm lazy, too! Why should I get off my ass to accomodate you?

This is the key. This is why you have to make up your mind. You can't have your cake and eat it too. I need it one way or the other. Categorizing is my flaw. Which is it?

"Beau" is an awkward word. Don't you think? My friends do.
Jenna thy name is Jenna 020107
Jenna and yes "Beau" *is* awkward 020107
god wonder twin powers ACTIVATE!

form of- a speck of dust

shape of- a potted plant
optic discretion What's wrong with "beau?" it's quite romantic :) 020308
dionysos if you are jilted for another, is that a "beau-coup"? 020308
adumb lazy 021012
splash of orange

as lazy as the trees.
Chilly D Too lazy to search for happiness.. and I want it so much. 030111
pete what is it that makes us waste away our final summer days.. or are they not wasted but enjoyed in the nothing that we do. eating and watching tv, lounging though we are much better than refreshed from our day off yesterday. i guess the simple connection of being lazy together is enough, for today. 050825
h oo ps I type these words that are my rope
I tie them around my neck
I choke
I can fathom how
I can fathom when
but startings hard
I can't pretend
poet i
wish i could go
so far away
where time moves too slow
day after day

ill wait
and ill sit and watch the clouds as they go by
ill wait
and ill sit and watch the clouds as they go by
sad maybe true still what happens to lazy sperm?

the same way the fat never acquire beauty while fat.

you must be quick.

you must love life enough to live.

become alive through choosing discipline.

disciplined do's
disciplined don'ts
what's it to you?
who go