meir he looks so fine.
i want to shatter him to pieces.
MollyGoLightly My envy isn't green. It's pink. 000520
Jennie Rose. Oh, I hate envy...
And it's even worse when it's justified.
*Ziima* is not a good thing to have around me. 010218
peyton is my mistress

she's so jealous of despair
lost i am envious of no one. I could be or have anything i want but im too lazy i look at it that way. 010503
Special K I envy her, she has him. She's got him now as she's had him all along, and I wonder if she appreciates how remarkable that is. How remarkable it must be to sleep beside him, to be too warm near the heat of his skin, to be too crowded in the confines of the bed. How remarkable it must be to argue over dinner plans, or complain about the neighbors. She brushes her teeth in the same sink as he, they sit together on the sofa, talk about the news. What I would give for these mundane treasures, if I could live them in his company as she does. The freedom to speak my heart to him and say what I feel, instead of saying "what is right." The remarkable gift of time and daily grind, and what I would do if I had it. I envy her, and yet, knowing what he would mean to me, how can I begrudge her such happiness? 010503
oh pee um when i think of how much i wanted you
it burns a hole in my heart.
some ember remains of that longing
embittered by time and lost chances,
but mostly what is left is envy
of those who are graced with your presence.
enriquecito never give the gift of a houseplant to a blind person. they may very well, and with the best of intentions, leave it in the complete darkness to die. 010507
Special K I don't envy anymore.
Vita brevis, ars longa.
enriquecito life is short, and art, we may surmise, endures forever. whatever forever may mean. but suffice it to say that the chance to know her is worth many lives, be they shallow middle-class lives devoid of the gravitas of the gladiator. 010521
enriquecito or lives pulled from this and given breath and dimension by a feeling long thought dead and almost despaired of. 010522
Kim Photographic memory which remains in my mind until the stabbing seems to die and grasp the neck of my idol. 010925
ellen cherry charles i envy the contented soul
but who would i be without my confusion, discontent, and restlessness?
freakizh i envy the capability of holding a person between your arms. 020114
blown cherry Pale, clear, white skin.
Looked so soft to touch.
Dark dark hair, but not quite black,
Tied back to neatly and prettily in a non-chalant sort of pony tail.
Shiny little hoop circling the right side of her nose.
She was beautiful.

I would have liked to have held her myself.

They ran down the stairs together,
On the train they leaned near the door.
Happy, but perhaps slightly awkward.
Probably not been together too long.
Then later they stood facing eachother.
He was trying to tell funny stories, she was listenening, but perhaps seemed just a tiny bit bored, or perhpas I just wanted her to be that way.

As I held onto my pole, swaying with the train, I watched them, together.
I could make her happy.
He was sweet for trying.
He would try for a while longer,
I cannot guess how long it would last.

But for a moment,
I envied their temporary-happiness.
evolutionending http://www.digitalnosebleed.com/if_robots_could_bleed/envy/ 021114
babysita i dont understand why...why everytime i become good friends with someone they always envy me for something, whether it be my looks, or what i have, or who i am with...i jus want to be me. i jus want to be loved. not hated. 021118
Shallow Depths The world sits before her,
Is hers.
All hers.
Bored now, with her freedom,
She complains.
And I envy her.
I stand and watch through iron bars
As she sits on wet grass,
And stares at the sky.
shivers envy
pulls apart the strongest
holds together the weak
keeps people moving
changing places
alvin i, a weak minded person, suffer from it. 030509
Nathan88 people envy you yet you still feel like nothing sometimes and i dont get it... there are so many people who want half of what u have to make them happy..just makes me frustrated is all...

only if u knew how many guys looked at you, and how many girls gave you the girl stare of bitterness when they are jealous...we all know what im talkin about dont even try to deny it...makes me proud and nervous at same time...how many guys go instantly towards you, would that not bother you if that happened to me? or should i be wrong for getting upset that happenS?

i guess u just need to come back to your comfort zone but i dont understand why... just cuz i dont have one i guess


havent i gone to bed yet?
bork the seventh deadly sin... 040806
bork the seventh deadly sin...? 040806
fidget rargh;ldgk;lsk 040824
three words wanting_something envy stealth_kitty 050404
sirflaccid enough said 050404
*Amy* so unfair 050405
lorna i feel like i've been envious of other people my entire life. in terms of relationships everyone always has what i am far too terrified to get for myself. 090727
In_Bloom It's nothing to spend eight hours in front of a TV but a bother to spend less than 15 minutes in the pleasure of another's arms.
I choke on the reality of it.
what's it to you?
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