deb icecicle heart
drops slowly
meeting the ground
with a silence
louder than

the silence screamed tonight

or was that me?
adam me 000229
angela i watched his heart fall out of his chest to the concrete and shatter into a million pieces. his face would remain motionless and waiting. his arms would hang lazy at his sides. and the shattered pieces would go unacknowledged until he left to walk away. his right foot kicked them, his left foot crushed them, and he would not feel the pain. numb forever to the good and the bad. lost his emotion when he left the pieces there for the wind to carry away instead of picking them up and taping them back together. it was nothing short of tragic. 000331
girl thats what they did to our lives
but we are rising from it and beating it and moving on
everything will be perfect from now on
Shae the picture hit the wall and shattered
each piece falling ever so slow
to hit the ground with the tiniest tinkle
she bent her head and sobbed
sapphire_ i could.
shatter and be shattered

what does it matter to you whose heart i crush to the ground in crystalline pieces too small to put together?

even if it is my own

fragments of a love that once was; of a person who once existed.

so i shatter, just like how you taught me to
birdmad i will
at the first touch now

i have
become brittle over time
misstree sudden release,
in an explosion
of razor shards,
after application of great pressure
to a hardened substance.
unhinged i hope the devestation
didn't show plain on my face
but i don't understand
why tonight i have to be without
when last night was equally
but every hug glues back together
the small pieces you shatter
and i love you
but you already knew that
that's what makes it so easy
for you to leave
boo oh is that so !

that would be plane arrogant,

I didn't lie about being shy,

especially to guys like you and George Clooney,

mybe you might prefer someone from hollywood?

George Clooney was always my friend cos, he couldn't act a mean guy if he tried, he likes to hide his looks away too, thats why he's my friend.
Why was he always so good at those kissing scenes? because he was never acting pussy cat. Meow maybe he fell in love with that women from One Fine Day?

what do you think mr A team?
sapphire_ tu me fais craquer 011130
catherine ouch. 030224
-{::EphemeralArcs::}- a mindset above the rest, likeness shared like a shard from my heart. True misery loves company, and I think I'll wed her. Her wicked and toothed smile and stare are that beautiful.
Please take this shattering as my ring and bethrothal. Hold your wisdom low, so no one can see it, until it's too late. Cause you know you love to see them beg, beg. Sure, Dogs make great companions, except when they piss on the floor, but that's just a nuissance really.
Borealis shatter my looking glass
and thow it to the skies
so it might become like the stars

a million dreams
in a hundred million tiny lights
reflected off the waters of the bay at night, as the hot hot water laps onto the rocky shore, with vagabond bits of seaweed dancing in and out of the piers.
throw it to the water, who runs onto the sand, and retreats in as much haste, unknowing, and uncaring for its destination, knowing only the thrill of the chase, the run, the reach.

throw my shattered glass to the sand, and let her mix amidst the crystal grains. Let it be crushed, and ground to a heavenly dust, undistinguishable, and yet more pure than the most perfect particle of sand.

then let me spend my life searching for that perfect grain of sand...
and do not tell me that it would be in vain
Adam I am yours
take me for what I am
cherish me
kiss me for who I am
les claypool shattering song
shattering along
HidingOnTheWall The silence is too loud. The air too thin. She says she's lossing it and that I just dont get it. I try to cry but I cant open my eyes. I look for something to hold on to and find nothing. I feel like running through the streets, screaming and crying and showing everyone who might care just how much I hurt. Too many things are happening. I feel like Ive stopped breathing, but it doesnt scare me. Like my skin should turn blue. Like my brain is turning blue. Like jumping into a pool of ice. My heart is cracking under pressure. My mind is crying for my eyes. My ears are ringing for my voice. My eyes are holding darkness for my mind. My soul is bleeding. Life stabbed me.

In the end the only thing I need is your touch. I need to find you. I need you. A man to hold me and dry my tears. A man to run with me and gaurd me from my ghosts. A man I can spill my heart to and know he'll never hurt me. A man to fly with and spend my life with. I need him.

Where is he?
! 050701
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