deb i whined that i am short today
but felt stupid when
my shoes made me tall

i say i hate it, but it's perfect,
the way i fit beneath his chin
like that..
Silent Bob Why can't people understand? i have a short attention span! short attention span! 000606
guitar_freak I feel so short. Short of what is expected of me. Short of what I could be. Short of my potential. Short of appreciation. Short of life within. 001031
startfires bus 001222
psychobabe I am short, how about you? 010324
yoink wow, she's taller than you. haha.
he counts as half a man
he's just a boy
little shit
not tall enough
you can't reach it
do i always have to do this for you?
you can't just toss it up there?
come on, get the ball, come on!
chico compacto
are there any girls for you?
most girls like taller guys
she likes big guys
but you're smart...
you aren't THAT short
is this your older brother?
you barely come up to my shoulders
watch it, little kid
don't step on him
i usually go for bigger guys
please don't wear heels
the pictures look funny
is this your son?
are you babysitting?
burden Retract everything ever said about twelve-year-olds. 010519
shrimp #1 im short and i dont like it...
i wish i was big...because i love tall girls. all I want is an extra 2"
me ur very smart...
but ur very short...
i dont like hearin these words..
but its either ur very smart and short or very tall and dumb...
if it was always that case i would stay with option 1
pipedream short fascinates me
so relative it be but the
easy compactness, the perfection
with which everything fits together
seamlessly..i could stare for hours
and marvel at short. so yummy.
mischievous I'm tall!!...
kat im short, want to be tall, i have 1 inch of fat, want to be skinny 040826
NishieGirl Shaft... Shaft shaft shaft. Why hasn't a page been made about this? 070607
Mikhos not always sweet.

What I am, and what I will remain.

My relation with Sam. What a horrible time.
what's it to you?
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