nattasha This morning I sat outside staring at the lake, feeling the cool breeze on my face and realized that soon I would be leaving this place to start a place of my own with someone who thinks he knows me. I will be taken from the place that makes me most happy and I will live the life that everyone expects me to live and hope that I never fall in love again. I appreciate the now because the later is my death 011031
nattasha sorry for the gramatical errors, I wrote before thinking. 011031
Dafremen I appreciate the knowledge that came to me today. I stood with words pouring out of my friggin mouth for about 10 minutes while the missus just sat there nodding her head. I understand the nature of our failings. I understand the psyche of my brain, its fears and motivations, better than I ever have before. It seems that all the brain knows about reality, about survival, it knows through domination and control.

It's blind, weak, soft and fragile.

Efficiency is gained through division of responsibilities and centralization of control. The brain survives for as long as it maintains control. If the lungs cease to function, the heart fails to beat, the brain dies. It is dependent upon control for survival. A similar but opposite phenomenon is found with the various body parts. They are dependent upon the brain to communicate their needs to other parts of the body, to send the resources where needed. They are dependent to the point of being unable to function without the brain. The lungs COULD continue to breathe and the heart to beat...everything COULD still function, but for the loss of the ability to CHOOSE to function. This is efficient, like the military or a corporation. Each has it's part, each requires the other, authority is centralized. The brain decides who gets cut off from the resources when they are low.

We are like this, in so many other things that we do.
In our relationships with other people, we seek security through control.
Between citizens and government.
Between different countries and religions.
In our industry we specialize for efficiency,each to the detriment of every person in the equation except? Yep you guessed it, legs are sore...but the brain is happy(just has to listen to the legs bitch)...those who make the decisions benefit, because in a WORLD full of brains, we see things like BRAINS see things. We empathize with the BRAINS more strongly. That's what makes sense to brain bound perspectives. We see the brain as superior...the muscles a close second or the face or sex organs. Those things that ensure survival, protection of the brain, "the most wonderful glorious GODLIKE brain must be preserved in some way. Long live the brain!"

A mask with mirrored inner sides and eyeslits none to see.

Security for the weakest organ in the body through control. Controlling those forces that can protect you, or that oppose you, destroying those forces which you cannot control because YOU must decide what is what and you must be in control and there must be nothing to sneak up on the soft blind little brain. Our eyes we control, and our ears we control and our nose and our mind we even control through deceit, or through domination(mantra/brainwashing), or even by force(drugs).

Science...ahhh my poor precious science, your "journey in search of truth" has become(by circumstance as well as by design)a neverending story. The best you've been able to hope for is to state the latest truth, open the door on the truth for a second, see what you can, then slam the door shut again for as long as you can get away with it. Laugh at the naysayers for as long as you can, get your papers, your prizes, accolades and snobbing rights. Chances are you'll be long gone by the time someone opens the door to see the TRUTH again and finds that YOUR award winning, ground breaking, research proves to have been based on another well intentioned seemed-to-be-true-at-the-time assumption about what is or is not possible. Until then, enjoy being the most godlike brains of the brains-that-would-be-gods for as long as this silly brain-centric system lasts.

We are victims of the manner in which the most primitive physical traits of our brain perceive existence...through cameras(the eyes) and speakers(mouths) and microphones(ears)...replayed in memory(memory : ) ). We turn our world into the brain's most basic notion of reality. Cameras and mikes allaround us, always needing to know, always needing to protect and OHHHH if the muscles(or is that "the masses") won't work TWICE as hard to be protected! The brain can push the legs beyond the point of DAMAGING the legs, regardless...tell us what to do, do what you will, just keep us safe!! We cling to this ONE life experience with everything that we have, that's only natural. The ride's a blast, who wants it to end? Then the brain(talking to itself all day long) starts to see that IT is what allowed this species to dominate, we know that, science tells us that and sure enough, it's a fact. The brain starts to get a bit full of itself. More than a bit, the brain begins to think that it is all that matters and that IT is somehow central to all things. (If you think about it, within the confines of it's DIRECT experiences and influences it IS central to all things.) It knows only control and it believes that IT is the center of the universe.

IT wants to gain control:

For security and pleasure, guaranteed through centralization of authority, retention and aquisition of power(like an crawling infant, who, his brain having mastered control of the hands, now wants to move on to the legs. Always for purpose of gaining more control over it's own surroundings, all for more security, all to hold on to this precious chance to be aware.

The brain does not want to cease to be. IT is glorious (OR so it says! It IS a pretty glorious thing though.) IT has deemed itself the decider of what is real and what is not, not the other way around. Foolish self centered little hunk of gray meat in my head almost had me.

Everything I have learned today I appreciate, with all of my heart.

Control through force - military.
Control through centralization of authority - government
Control through motivation - religion
Control through superior knowledge - science
Control through domination - finance
Control through deceit - all of the above
(Most are shared by all.)

The brain is an equal to the other parts, we are all equal to one another. We should treat each other as such. We are all ONE, at every level of physical science, we are all ONE. We have more in common than we have differences, you'd think with the brains we have, we could at LEAST show a little appreciation for that fact. Nope, little brain...get back on the porch with the pups, cuz you ain't ready for the big dawg that is the universe yet.

Course it IS as easy as counting to one, but..hard as counting to a zillion.

Step outside your godhead people, and be humbled by the reality of your existence, thankful for it and for gawd sakes stop being so damned blind to the fact that the river is all around you and you're made of water, where you came from is all around you, what you are is all around you not inside you, what's inside you is a trillion potentials that have finally been given a chance to be realized. So don't let them down, and don't let the rest of YOU down, the stars and the moons and the earth and the person that lives across the street from you that you bum smokes from when you run out cuz neither of yer next door neighbors smokes...all of em are in this with you for the show, know it or not, and now's yer chance to show how much you appreciate the shot to be a part of the show...and as a sentient BEING no less!!

Stop choosing security and domination as a way of life. Stop choosing control and self centered whining. Stop choosing to ignore the rest of the show, the other players, the other props, take yer mind off of yourself long enough to see the little brain and see how silly it looks acting like a god. Accept the fact that everything is one thing and that you are a small part, but an equal part nonetheless.

All is one, no scientist in the world can refute it. Not even come close.

One Time One Place One Thing..This is how it was at the beginning of the cycle(of the universe) and the end of the previous. If your brain can't reach out past the boundaries of it's claustrophobic, cranium-caged experiences to see that there need be no beginning anymore than there need be an end, then you can call that "the beginning" if it helps you visualize the fact that we are all made of the same stuff. If it helps, fine that's the beginning. One Time One Place One Thing. Then expansion and growth, discovery, heat and change(Statis? Ha! Not this big beautiful creation machine ladies and gents)then combination followed by the formation of something new, it is how we can recognize the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. In most anything. Newborn infants move out from their brains almost immediately, exploring, growing at a rate which will never be matched for the rest of their lifes. They reach out from their own brains eventually combining their mind with those of their parents, creating something new, an adult human such and such so and so from such and such a place.

Then it's time for the cycle to end and the new to begin...

Teenagers also get the growth spurt, the hormones, the need to move out away from the small domestic world they've filled, the reality seemingly explored to death. Onward and out a cycle ends, a new begins...the exploration, discovery combination, something new...a new life for this human, desire for physical combination with others and procreation Examples are everywhere, look around. Where you see that pattern, where you see those traits, look for a cycle to end and a new one to begin. Prepare for change and energy, prepare for the unexpected. I have rambled enough, haven't had time to organize everything that flowed into my mind for those 10 glorious minutes, but they are real...this I know. They are true and I have no intention of sitting down and keeping them for my little greedy brain and its silly selfish motives. No it's time to stand up and see beyond what all of the little skull-capped brains want me to see, beyond the insecure, controlling, self centered petty deceit of my own brain.

It's time to stand up, and show my appreciation.
silentbob I appreciate summaries 011031
Dafremen Then you are doomed to decide based on a summary's worth of information.

Your brain has communicated its desire not to know of this. Listen to it, it's only natural.

In any event, be happy.

Skip the big long paragraph...perhaps ask_me_for_sex_today is what that huge slab oh grey between yer ears was hankerin' for today. Excellent.

When he gets bored of indulging himself, this'll be here. Has been for a looooooooong time now. : )

No hurry.
Dafremen Then again, I suppose if I were a summary, I would appreciate the....appreciation. 011031
Teenage Jesus All I can say is thanx.

...and see concentration_moon.
Teenage Jesus Why do you think people are generally risk-adverse? 011102
Casey I appreciate the time and effort people put into things, then when they don't get any recognition, it bothers me. 011102
Dafremen Now yer getting it T.J. We are simply the luckiest lumps of stuff currently prancing the earth, but our appreciation mechanisms(our brains) have become more than sentient.. they've become downright megalomanical.

Or paranoid. Imagine playdoh that had actually evolved according to a set of basic priciples. Everything else is a result of what becomes of that playdoh as it goes along, more complex combinations create more complex matter and energy with more complex rules applying specifically to them. Imagine the human experience as one possible outcome of those combinations, one that allows a LITTLE of your stuff to keep living (procreation) is the REALLY important thing about being human. We have the power to actually appreciate how utterly incredible the whole thing is. Exploring, testing, discovering...hell we certainly can't hurt the universe can we?

Now imagine that this evolved hunk of universal playdoh becomes aware of itself as a glorious thing. An incredible creation to have risen from just muck, instead we were CREATED, by something horrible and scary. (First the sun, the animal headed gods, the brains primitive fears(THEY CONTROLLED, THEY DOMINATED) nature fell under the sway of man's domination, the nature gods started being replaced with more HUMAN looking gods, and humans themselves, then it got really spooky.

Then there was only one unseeable all knowing all seeing god, who knew all thoughts. Now the real problem with this concept is that, depending upon how you look at it, it's true, it's a possibility and it is the single most selfish deceit that an organism has ever committed on itself or others, all at the same time.

True because everything is ONE thing, eventually all will be recombined and we will be one thing again...our creator is the universe.

A possibility because I am still unable to rule out the possiblity of the universe having been created by another sentient being.

The single most selfish deceit, because the brain was talking about itself, really. A god created in the image of the unseeable, all seeing, all knowing omnipotent Brain.

That isn't all though, science too became a brain sport. An arrogance and a vanity. Useful? Certainly, to what end these days? Money and war? Consumption and domination? The thing that disappoints me the most about science is that they KNOW they're lumps of stuff, but they prefer to flat out ignore the fact. The problem is, they think that they can beat mortality. That's brains that don't want their turn to be over, so they're scrambling to find a way out. Like rats in a sinking cage...they choose to ignore the fact that they are MADE of water.

Yea man, bunch of little balls of playdoh making each other miserable.

"Lord Gawd Brains"...silly sh*t ain't it? That's it though do0d. That's the whole shizzbang-damoany. All of the spo0ky world changing events stuff, is just my gut feelings, not conclusions that I have been able to draw. So don't mix this in with that. I could be dead wrong about bad stuff comin and won't mind a bit. The illusion of our brain-centric reality though...
Dafremen My head is clear's all still true. 020409
hsg1437 I want to appreciate everything. I guess sometimes I'm just afraid to.

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