typhoid against the billboard
looking out towards the
becoming part of the
Lyle McMahon i am, specifically, the advertisement
and i light myself on fire
longing for that which i cant have it’s funny how memory changes things


fact and fantasy blur together to form a fusion of truth and lies; a misunderstood history

imagination distorts reality and you are left with a warped and fragmented account of your past

don’t be fooled by what (you think) you know.

heart and soul is nothing more than a silly expression and an easy song to play on the piano

yes, my heart beats and therefore i live and breathe

but that is all... the rest is up to me

i am a work in progress

trying to live for the experience, not the impression

i know what it's like to be happy, from a picture thumb-tacked to my wall

i know better than to see this as truth

i know that i know nothing

don't be fooled by what (you think) you know .
what's it to you?
who go