daxle Looking at you looking at me.
Looking away.
Looking for something to say.
At the best times and the worst times there's nothing to say.
Shar dammit, knock it off! 000209
WoNDERGIRL don't think you can save my soul with that inquisitive look, yes, it takes much more to see me.. 000520
pba inward and upward 000804
kronoman fnord 001119
MercynRe he sees so much inside me; i fear sometimes he might see the truth. 010427
marjorie up.
i saw that something was falling
and it was falling slowly enough
that i could have gotten away
but i didn't want to
and i was crushed
and i said
damn. that's great.
i've been waiting for this to end.
ellen cherry charles looking for some respite from my worries 020127
ClairE May I touch? 020131
Mahayana LQQKING 020201
morphine. at you
makes me want
morphine. to do
so much
so simply
niska is admitting weakness.

you want to be acknowleged. i want to be absolved.
that one chick for myself... 040626
balaguri here's looking at you kid,
he looked her over twice
once for luck and once for memory
tsw removal looking photographs 060927
krupt looking thru the glass i have seen things that daestoy me, i have also seen things that amaze me. though it was the one time that i saw something so amazing that it destroyed me, thats when i knew the world was comming to an end... a happy end. 070613
krupt looking thru the glass ive seen things that destroyed me, i have also seen things that amazed me. though it was the time i saw something that both amazed me and destroyed me that i knew the world was comming to an end... a happy end 070613
scott looking only makes it easier to see what is comming next 080304
In_Bloom I'm not
My eyes shift when I hear your feet
Even when you try to walk softly, I hear you
Stop it, all of it
I don't want to look, I don't want to see
It's killing me that it's you trying so hard instead of him
It should be him instead of you who wants to thrill
For me
what's it to you?
who go