sphinxradio i was told that the john_mayer song three by five reminded someone of me.

i love the song and i'm happy to be associated with it. i'm happy to be associated with anything that's part of the real world, in general.

i have a box full of photos in my room here, this room that isn't really mine -- and when i look at myself, age three, four, with my first friends and running around -- model airplanes, the front lawn, lemonade stands, jumping on the bed --

i am nostalgic, and i wonder if it shows that much.
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smallhours We took a bunch of tourist photos to share with family and friends. The various poses we assumed while alone in the hotel rooms were much sadder, but much more beautiful. If he kills himself over it all, i would like to learn to draw so that i can preserve those moments. 151102
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