sphinxradio a long time ago i had this dream about diving into this enormous, gorgeous pool of deep blue water.

i remember a lot of lovely gold and blue colors in the dream... but i never hit the water. i'm not sure if i even jumped.

dream book said: you're on the brink of jumping into a relationship.

my most recent dream, however, had something to do with cookies. and i fell down on a patch of ice.

i don't interpret dreams anymore, anyway.
Jess to conclusions is never good! Only when you're judging a scutter, chav etc 040515
Jess...again! Works for a while
but then you're back on earth with your feet where you started. You have moved nowhere!
Moving up just stops you from moving forward!
nonlucid off a cliff, so easy, such a small step - it only takes a second, why is it so permanent? 040712
SUGAR jumping on this
with two feet strong
hsg jumping_up_and_down in elevators is FUN! 061120
what's it to you?
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