mmm i like it but i hate having to uncover it in the spring 010520
chock chock chili christ motherfucker,
where's the mustard?
no reason pool tables look good in purple. 020120
Casey pool is loop spelled backwards. 020120
Wolfie On a sunny day. Sliding underneath the surface, like wavering glass, eyes wide open staring through the water to the sky and you try not to breathe.

The smell of chlorine.

The one true life of a Swimmer.
r1y9a6n4 Damn that place was old. The ceiling was missing tiles and dripping water though it hadn't rained in six months. The carpet was patchy, orange here, red and brown shag there. Tables were seated in the room in rows and columns like schoolcholdren waiting for the teacher. Their felts exuding the same fate as that of the carpet.

The old man plays dominoes and takes a long drag off of his Benson & Hedges before he decides to draw us a pitcher of flat, near tasteless beer. Slams it down on the aged formica with 16 balls of different colors. We walk over to our student and throw our stuff down, staking our claim for the next two hours.

Aside from the woman two tables to my left we are the only ones here. She is younger and wears her 'Marlboro' jacket with pride. There is no drink at her table, no one with whom she talks. She glides around the table with the grace of a dancer. She strokes each shot, placing balls here, there every movement calculated. She makes love to the game and plays by herself as if she were the main character in some grand play.

The sound of balls crashing together breaks my staring trance and I begin to concentrate on the game at hand. I pour a warm glass of yellow water down my throat before approaching my first shot. I draw a smoke and realize that I am looking at that woman again. She is still doing her dance with table. 'What a dancer she is,' I think to myself. My concentration is soley centered. This woman is awesome. She strides through the hall with the confidence of a debutant.

I try to bring myself back to the game at hand. Drinking yet another one of those tasty brews. I smoke a few drags and make a few shots. I look over again and notice that she is now looking at me. My dance with the table is considerably more awkward than hers, yet she still watches.

She clears the last ball off her table and begins to put them back in their case. She strolls by me, smiles, whispers something and walks over toward the old man. A fountain is welling up in me as she sits down next to a guy probably 10 years her senior, old smoky alcoholic. He reaches over and slaps her ass. She smiles coyly and tells him to stop. He grabs her around her waist with force and draws her near to him... she no longer fights.

I force the last bit of that horrible beer into my stomach, finish burning my last smoke, and get the hell out of that place.
ferret just like bobbing for apples! 031128
once again shoot slut 031207
xyz my hair feels nice and smooth in the pool. when it gets out into the air it becomes dry and frizzy.

this blathe sounded more clever in my head. i don't remember why.
Webley These pools are doorways from your world to all worlds. 041011
ninecat below me, a stagnant endless pool of velvety flesh.

above me, a seamless, motionless cape.
bangaaeter I might go play some pool later tonight... It should prove to be of some use. 050912
Isaou This game is something we've begun to share, it relaxes us and more often than not it allows us to open up across the table. Like when we talked about Her and the mistakes we had both made in being with her, that must have confused the others listening.
To begin we just enjoyed it, we played so muh we got to know the people who work there, this is where He comes in. You know, the one who shares your name, who was with the girl who shares mine..

There was something different about him, he looked much older so when he didn't act superior I felt special and glad. Then we found out her was younger than you and I was fascinated.

He smiled at me, he'd laugh when we came in and hand us our special cue; the short one because I'm just a girl.

Then yesterday I went with somebody different, and when we came to leave my eyes stayed on him a little too long, and did I just imagine him looking back? We said hey and then he paused, watching me, before handing back my bond so we could leave.

We went back again today and he was there with his girl. He wasn't working, he was playing on the table beside ours but the whole time he looked at me maybe once.

He knows my name. I know his.
I know his smile and the way his hair falls over his eyes.
I know that he smokes, you wouldn't approve.

I know that I am in love with you

I know that we joke about me liking him, you think he's pretty cool too.
I know I can't tell you what I'm feeling.

And worst of all, I don't know if I want you to come down for us, or so I'll get a chance to see him again.
Isaou Today is our anniversary but you aren't here
so I went and played pool again and he was there
and he laughed when he saw me and smiled and knew exactly which cue I wanted.
It's the way he teases me about playing too much,
His smile,
He is addictive.
camille to gather 090714
Isaou Ouch,
I feel really bad for you, she was a slut that you did not deserve and I hate to see you hurting.
I wonder if it will be awkward next time, I hope you are open again. I'd like that.
what's it to you?
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