moonshine Yes thats right, i quit my job. i m running TO, not AWAY to some forest in the middle of nowhere to sit with 20,000 so hippies and wait for nothing, to be with everything... 000629
whirligirl oh yeah? well. we'll be missing you, then. yes we will. 000629
MollyGoLightly Question: Are you a Rainbow?

And i agree with whirli.
typhoid yup, she's gone to the rainbow, gone gonegone, moonhide. moongone. it's a new_moon too. fitting. and she may be back, she may end up in new orleans. or new york. but she says she'll be back.
you always want to dance. here's yur perfect chance.
grendel meanwhile
i will seek to build
a better Babylon.

hardwired seduction
wine comes in at the mouth
and love comes in at the eyes

but this seeps in
at every pore
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