dallas sometimes, when I walk down the street I look at things that I've seen lots of times before and I think, wow, that stuff's always here. 980819
caty never says sorry. Never needs to, never wants to. But I do. We all do. Endless, timeless, deathless prose apologises from the past for those of tomorrow. 981005
sarah always - what does that mean? 981021
amy repetitiveness 981103
s never 990101
adam i'm always fucking thinking of you!!! why!!! i'm ready to be over this damnit! but you're always in my head! 990302
rekniht syawla What is this insanity? Must it always persist? 991031
marjorie until you and i and everything else does not exist. and even then, still some. 991217
king kai everytime i turn my head - she is always there - reminding me of what i was and what we were - whispering all the things i want to hear - a sweet caress and a silent stare - there is no hiding - where is my forgetfulness - a timely reminder that she is no more and i smile - as i watch her fade - fade - fade - and die - yesterday is gone - forget about it! 000102
wesleann always you. always me. always laughing. always dancing and falling and living. always loving.

sometimes crying.
gaudior there was always a sun,
always rain,
always beauty,
always life.

but somehow,
some way,
by chance...

...i never saw them before this moment.
reggie i am always wrong always even then for using the word always when nothing is always anything but i am wrong is what i mean wrong for choosing the word wrong when it's so hard to say what is right or wrong everything is a matter of opinion but my opinion is that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinions and i disagree with my opinions, or i agree that i'm wrong for thinking that. 000302
maccie is the time before the last one
when no one hears you
Mika Her sigh seeps through the humid summer air. She lies content on the redwood porch. The bright sun glances at her in its passing, touching her cheeks with a hint of red. Long,curled locks of hair reach out in the evening breeze, swaying gracfully like willow branches.
She looks out at the quite landscape, same one she's looked at for 18 years and wonders...will it always be this way?
iblis an abused word

inplications of eternity

generally uttered by the user_friendly

beware of always
silvre doesn't exist.

a lie.
Jon Is eternity. It's the thought of us and the realization that it will never happen. I love you always 001006
Mindy I'm always confused. Confused about love. Is there such a thing or is it just a cruel joke. 001214
desparately wanting i live in always and act in never. now i'm drowning in regret. 010112
southy should always be a word to predict the future? no. describe the past? no. for using this word implies a plan for the future and unfortunately gives a person a false sense of understanding. when the only always is that you cannot know what to expect. 010125
alida and forever. 010228
tara always and forever. 010330
daylitedreamer the only constant thing in my life is michael. i will love you forever and a day. you will always be my angel. you are perfect 010331
Chrity go to:
vampers ... syawedis

just for you aric
crissa you didn't lie. you didn't tell me "always". 010424
mxsmxsmxsmxsmxs there wont be an always for people that dont believe in it so stfu and stop trying to get people to believe that things dont last forever 010512
erin eternities are going by until u think of me ,pick up the phone and call ,god damnit!

*I always do this if he doesnt call or does its a test of if he loves me...i am pathetic*
GrayWolf seems like it never is. 010721
silentbobfuckyou something there to remind me 010721
psychobabe always, always and forever
And i thank you
will always thank you
more than you will know
more than i can show
And i love you
will always love you
theres nothing i wont do
to say these words to you
that you will live forever
Forever and ever
ClairE me, simply 011213
oren Days may not be fair, always.
That's when I'll be there, always.

Not for just an hour.
Not for just a day.
Not for just a year,
But always.
Lil J i'm always saying the same things and those who listen to me always repeat themselves 011230
optic discretion eternity 020121
Lil J I always lose,
So u can call me a looser.
NearPerfecTheory always is never how we expect it to be. it has very big meaning. 020309
Sarah Always be patient towards all that is unsolved in yr heart....try to luv da questions themselves,Don't seek da answers....Live da questions now...perhaps u'll then gradually, without noticin' along some distant day....into da answers! 020815
blue star this romeo is bleeding
but you can't see his blood
it's nothing but some feelings
that this old dog kicked up
it's been raining since you left me
now I'm drowning in the flood
see I've always been a fighter
but without you I give up
now I can't sing a love song
like the way it's meant to be
well I guess I'm not that good anymore
but baby that's just me
and I will love you baby, Always
and I'll be there forever and a day

Now these pictures that you left behind
are just memories of a different life
some that made us laugh
some that made us cry
one that made you have to say goodbye
what I'd give to run my fingers
through your hair
to touch your lips
to hold you near
when you say your prayers
try to understand
I've made mistakes
I'm just a man
When he holds you close, when he pulls you near
When he says the words you've been needing to hear
I wish I was him, cuz those words are mine
To say to you, till the end of time yeah

I will love you baby
If you told me to cry for you
I could
If you told me to die for you
I would
Take a look at my face, there's no price I won't pay
To say these words to you.

Well there ain't no luck in these loaded dice
But baby if you give me just one more try we can pack up our old dreams and our old lives
We'll find a place where the sun still shines yeah

I will love you, baby, always
And I'll be there forever and a day
I'll be there till the stars don't shine
Till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme
I know when I die you'll be on my mind
and I'll love you

I know that was probably ridiculously long and obnoxious... but I was singing it and it just sort of came out.....

I've loved this song since I can remember.
Perspective_Of_Soul When i depart from you all.When the end has come.
Will you remember me ?
What will you remember?
The pain i have given you?
The tears i made you cry?
Maybe you shall recall my pain, my tears.Maybe you shall not.
When my mind dies, shall i die in yours?
'Always' is a word that shall die as well.
Sensory the imaginary guarantee that no one lives infinitly to empty promise 021011
girl_jane opposite of never 021129
Ishtitoon I trust Him, always... in all ways 021130
p2 never and always
are words you should
always remember
never to say

- paraphrased from someone i can't recall
me 12 021205
angie i really love this word
i love everything about it
ducki Always has no meaning. The moment you realize that an always exists, it then becomes a never. And then, before you know it, ceases into a never. It is impossible to create an always. And impossible to break a never. 030127
niska that's pretty final. I always...

it's like making a promise you don't know you can keep. I always do that...
god no more punctuation. PERIOD! 030529
neesh Toujours
Quand tu ris ou pleures,
Souviens de moi,
Et j'y serai avec toi.

Quand tu songes de notre histoire,
Souviens de nous,
Et que j'y étais avec toi.

Quand tu peux pas dormir,
Souviens que je suis éveillé aussi,
Et que j'y suis avec toi.

Quand tu es proche de moi,
Souviens de toi,
Que tu es réelle,
Et que je t'aime.
etoiles always is something so much infinitely larger than ourselves that we have no real definition to compare it against. there is nothing to set the context of it; that's why zero and infinity are such compatible "numbers" (and i use that term loosely). always stretches and distorts and destroys our perceptions of things. or what we perceive our perceptions to be; our senses do not always operate with the most blatant altruism. always is so much bigger than myself, i'm a speck compared to it, happily puttering about in my own benign existance. always means forever, forever means always - and so on and so forth in a terrifying linguistic recursive loop. 030902
JD I ALWAYS begin what I finish! 030924
s3an always being persecuted!!!
steel flower girl #2 Will it always come back to this? Me, alone. Packing boxes. 031123
mystix I always seem to want more. More excitement, danger. It never seems to be enough. 040110
ethereal always never comes.
it lingers.
near and far.
not quite out of reach.
but too slippery to grasp.
catch it once and hold it tight.
don't be cocky it will have its way.
you see, always, wishes not to exist.
it would rather permeate into the great abyss.
not make you believe what's not.
get you hoping.
always doesn't come.
forever is for always.
forever is lost to the wind.
it echoes in the silence.
that is never quite silent enough.
here i lay, bequeathed to the lesser.
the infinite, the forever, the always.
the lie.
takethisnameforme see what it's about. it's really nothing. 040222
cinzento Will I always regret this? Will I ever figure out how to stop regretting? No more guilt, or pain, or second thoughts... Just acceptance. Will it always be this way? 040222
<3 i always existed 040315
farewell cadance look before you leap.
say thank you.
naive artist How can you be sure that something is always there? It seems to me that it's too much a matter of faith. The sun will rise, the rain will fall, and you can guarantee that. But will the sun always rise and the rain always fall? How can you tell if that's all you see? 040619
lou i always miss you
its like a constant ache
things i can't have
will never have
are always the hardest to let go of
danimeagancryandmalory that changed my life

i would have to agree was the parade..did polly-pocket lose her the way...chuck jones says hello and that he will take your flower anyday!!!

i dont get this. u people are INSANE!!!

Gotta go doctor is telling me i need to be in the jacket.

Crazy? i was crazy once the locked me in a room and told me to get a life.. life is a magazine costs 50 cents.. i only have a quarter rats rats i hate rats rats are crazy..crazy i was crazy once they locked me in a room and.......
well maybe not always 041129
fix 041129
cyanide faerie always is a way to forgive forever 050129
Verdulum Go full circle, back to where we started.

I'm tired of this merry_go_round
hsg with love 050706
kala ..always and forever 051006
Q of course. 051211
kariann why 060306
nevermind that i'm not so sure, he says. 060808
nom it will always be 070324
oden he called her nínui or nínuii always 071204
oden he called her nínui or nínuii always 071204
oden he called her nínui or nínuii always 071204
In_Bloom I thought I'd always wake up next to you as I did most mornings (back when I could sleep) and say to you as I did most mornings, "You are the best things that's ever happened to me." It was no lie either, for several years you were. And when you'd say the same back to me, I really believed it.

What makes us foolish or take for granted? To this day I have no concrete reason why I left you. And though I wouldn't look to you know because of our hurt and pride, I wish you well.

I wish you well, hoping my offense will wash away in time, that karma or fate or IT will let me go forward again and have love again... like we truly had. I don't want to die yet without feeling that again so I keep wishing you well.

hsg kiss first, ask forgiveness later 081029
Nikki forever 090401
sadly which way will we take--

all ways
SleepieCloud blood_red_sharpie

She has been writing to him for years. Letters, and poems and stories, all signed with one word and her name.

Always. She has loved him for almost as long as she has known him and she loves him still. Through every fight and every cruelty that they inflicted on each other she has loved him.

Always. She came to him in anger, and in loneliness, and hope, and joy... and love. She turned to him for understanding, and hope, and comfort.

Always. And sometimes he was there. And sometimes he was distant. And now... now they are together. Maybe not perfect, but in love.

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