moxie the river of a thousand tears
engulfs my heart; my spirit
the current is deafening
raging in the screams of those pained
emily the saltiness of her tears ran down his face and he knew. he knew what it meant to have the power to hurt and be hurt. 990122
jules I couldn't help it. When you left I sat in front of my mirror. I listened to those beautiful songs and wished so hard... 990318
adam i do. all the time. because of you. 990321
groovinkim quote i got in my email today...

"If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars."
David I used to cry at the drop of a hat,
Now I just cry.
jessica i used to cry, but i've forgotten how. sometimes i would love to just release everything inside of me. sometimes i think i'd prolong my life if i could remember. these things inside of me eat me up, and i wonder what it's like to cry. 990922
daxle I want to so bad that I have to be mean to stop myself 990923
me? I came upon it in the night
And left it in the rain
And from that moment to today
I've never been the same

I knew not what the weather meant
When he said goodbye
I only know this loneliness
Will never make me cry

Make me cry
Colleen i DidN't tHiNK i cOUld CrY
iN My sLeeP
bUt i caN
tHanKs aLOt
troy I haven't been able to cry for almost 20yrs, since I was a kid.
The exception has been in my dreams where *occasionally* I am able to tear-up, and upon waking-up, actually DO have sadness and tears in my eyes.
But a good, long, sobbing, powerful emotional-release has been impossible for me, no matter how hard I have tried, at times.
Child-Abuse is a lifelong mindfuck, no matter how 'over-it', you get.
-Just glad that I never lost the ability to laugh! :)
a silent tear
rolls down a
soft sober cheek
only those hollow eyes
say a word
it's not sadness
it's not happiness
a tear falls just
to fall.
that happens too often
to be
fall fall fall freely
stream down
flood my eyes
world, sit still
for but a moment
i'll be ok.
i just need a
good cry
i wish i had
a shoulder to
share my tears with
oh well.
i don't
and still,
i'll cry
jennifer I haven't been able to since that night
that night when I threw you away
that was the last time
now, if my collective consciousness tries to remedy the build up of tears, my common sense and generally cold demeanor forbids it, pushing to mind some silly word or scene and causing the thoughts to retreat into the recesses of my poor, pained head
not cried in 30 years if you avoid it when it is needed you get water on the brain - it burdens your thoughts - the weight of it is carried with you - wherever you go - ... i hear you troy - 991215
troy ...well, like I said; -thank God I never lost the ability to laugh.
I don't "avoid it", or carry it around;
-I just don't do it like most people can do it.
-30yrs? ... that's a LONG time.
elimeny She dried her tears and they did smile
To see her cheeks' returning glow
How little dreaming all the while
That full heart throbbed to overflow

With that sweet look and lively tone
And bright eye shining all the day
They could not guess at midnight lone
How she would weep the time away

emily bronte anyone?
me? there there there.
don't cry.
lion yesterday
i feared the act
is it
the release of repressed emotion
or the blood of the spirit?
iliketosayquark.quark!quark! When i feel like breaking, cause there doesn't seem to be any other way. *sniff* 000106
koti perhaps there will be a day
when i have no more tears for you,
and you'll come back and say to me,
those words i've been waiting for. those words you promised, but never said.
fyn gula "what is the damage?" he screamed, and tears exploded from his eyes, so many that they dripped into his mouth and splashed to the ground and in the puddles they made, small birds came to bathe. one looked at him, cocked his head to one side, curious.
"ask." the bird said, as a tear from the man's eye dropped on his feathered head. it looked like a beautiful crown and the other birds looked at him and bowed, laughing.
but the man did not hear the laughter. he knew nothing anymore but pain, but he did hear the command.
"ask?" the man asked. "i cannot ask because i am too tired of explaining. i want to be understood."
"no one can understand beyond what they are able to see," the bird said, and he shook off the tear for it was heavy.
"what has been seen?" he shouted, and he fell to the ground and many birds scatteed from his falling. many were able to escape except the one who had spoken to him and when he got up he saw that he had killed it.
Dyminsia Sometimes he makes me cry both in saddness and happiness 000304
calliope i hate the cliche 'a single tear dripped down her face'
or anything like it
i notice people's faces when the cry
distorted, contorted
scrunched up
funny looking
which makes laughter
which is good
but so is crying
girl im sick to death of doing it 000326
silent bob hurt
i need something anytihng
i need you
somebody anybody
where are you? why havent i found you yet.
hi. how are you? havent seen you in ages. what have you been up to? oh really? me too. it hurts a lot doesnt it. man. so... you're single, then? yeah...i know what thats like. man. so um...what's your number?
yaddayadda i cried last tuesday
or was it wed nes day
a first in a year and a while
it's so degrading
letting your guard down and all that
i promised i would never let them see me cry
skiblu don't 000724
Anastasia swallow quickly
the lump in your throat
it's growing again
sorry, there's something in my eye
i've got a cold
do you happen to have a tissue?
no i'm alright
i've just got a stomach ache
maybe i'm developing an ulcer
i swear, i'm fine
it's against my nature to show emotions
i am strong
do you doubt the validity of my statement?
i'll prove it
see, my future has fallen at my feet
all i show for it is silence
aren't you proud
is it raining?
guess i'm only human after all.
asdf qrst 000804
Tank i haven't done this in a really long time. the only tears than i can generate are red ones... 000804
ashley fuck you asshole. you made me cry. you ruined my makeup. it's running . . . my disguise, my facade. it's gone. it's your fault. i loved you so much. too much. did you ever love me or did you just want to see me ruined, ruined, ruined? 001019
Raistlin my heart hurts so much
i see such much beauty in this world
yet i find no joy in it
i see others with more pain
but it does not stop the tears
it only fules them
my heart cannot take it
and it feels like it is going to cave in
my soul is dying and it feels like
the whole world that i have built up around myself is going to cave....
im dying inside
endless darkness
Barrett The "DragonLance" series? 001111
Akaine Lie here, naked, pooled tears. I can feel the shards through my fingertips, meloncholy seeping through my veins. Why, I only want to understand. 001213
chanaka i am sad, but i don't cry. do we need tears to create the proper atmosphere? i certainly don't. it creates itself.
envious? yes. i wish i could let loose and deluge my hands with salt, like almost everyone else can. control? certainly. wakes of classmates. depression. shouldering the problems of everyone else. alone. no crying. ah, the control i wield over myself is formidable.
disgust? always. disgusted at the foolish displays of emotion, at the useless waste of another bodily fluid. crying has become so meaningless, like kleenex. everyone does it, and it creates a mess. but no longer a symbol of anything but an overemotional release. some people find it therapudic. i find it painful (physically). though most things must be painful in order to help, i rather like being stone. people think me heartless, frigid, cruel. i think i exercize control, or at least more control than many other people.
oh, but when i do cry.......
d. max(english springer spaniel)
buttercup(maine coon cat)
luke(domestic shorthair tabby)
gabe(brother of luke)
robert e. lee(d.s.t.,a.k.a. "bippy")
mescalito(the blue cat)
patricia(egyptian spotted fishing cat, a sister for the 1st 21 years of my life!)
fred(feline companion of teenage would-be-hippies)
several unnamed fish
2 other parakeets whose names i can't recall
a lizard that came for dinner and stayed for a long time(please don't EVER put a lizard in its' aquarium outside in the sun!)
...dearly departed friends from the animal kingdom whose sweet lives made me smile and earthly departures made me cry
stupidpunkgirl you said i'd probably get whatever i wanted if i would od cried.
i don't want you to see me cry.
so you left me?
i didn't manipulate you.
something you're not used to.
you said it freaked you out.
to have someone care.
i did cry.
but i won't let you see me.
and you're still gone.
snakeyes cry havoc!! 001219
angelswild ever have that one
love you really
didnt love at all
and when their gone you
dont shed a tear
but the tears you may
cry are for the one before
which you never should
have left
for that someone who understood
you too well
that scared you all to hell
for that someone who got to
close so close they saw the
ugliness inside
and that is when you cry
for youself
ass facely jackie mccracken? 001229
silentbob ...i will not let them see me... 010110
the conveyor one time...

the one time I've really been in love - I mean really in love - it was so wonderful and scary and consuming. Life can be a terrible shitty thing, and so she left me when another girl lied to her and told her I had cheated with her. I tried and explained and fought and shook and puked but she wouldn't believe me and she said mean things and left me forever.

I'm a big macho guy. Before then, I couldn't remember the last time I cried. It must have been when I was just a little one. But that day. I'll remember forever. March 1st, 2000. She slammed her open hand on the table, making the last supper rattle, and said, "No! I don't WANT to be your girlfrind anymore!"

I stood up, grabbed my coat, and left her apartment forever. When I got outside, I began to sob. It was so frightening to me that I could feel so much pain. I tried to ride my bike home, but I had to walk it because I couldn't see very well through my tears and I was sort of convulsing. In my apartment, I curled up in a fetal position and continued to cry. I couldn't stop and I was scared and embarrassed and hurting so much. My wonderful neighbor Alyse came over the next morning and said she heard me and was very concerned. I told her everything, and we both cried some more.

That's what I think of. I still cry about it sometimes. I hope I never have to cry like that again, because it sucked ass.
unhinged the tears well up but will not run over. and soon the well is filled and emptied in one half hour. december 1st 2000 and january 4th 2001 where the last times i really cried. but in december i wasn't really sure why. on the surface, it was the bible...but there had to be something deeper that the bible touched that made me weep like that. i couldn't even wait to be alone. i cried in front of her and she held me while she drove. and when we got home i sat in the car for 5 minutes because i couldn't stop. i lost control of something horrible and it ran through my soul and ripped it to shreds. the tears and a few days of irresponsibility helped me over it though. maybe i will again some day soon. 010115
Bell R For the world known to be lost.
the fairy tales shattered by reality.
an end to the dreams of youth.
A partial cure.
Never ending with joy.
just ending.
deb i used to be afraid
to let anyone see me cry
used to think it showed
and i am strong
-really i am-
but now i cry openly,
in the bus station,
in a coffee shop,
in front of my parents
(who never saw me cry-
i wouldn't let them)

i cry too often lately
Erin never hold it in
you always will feel better
the most extreme emotion
if you have never seen them cry
you never will
stark im not holding it in on purpose
i really dont
harbinger i am the harbinger of rain.
as are the clouds of gray.
the rain are the tears of Earth,
the tears are the rain of Man.
the sky rips open unleash its tears
down to the earth.
when there is rain,
there is growth.
when there are tears,
there is rebirth.
cry sky to the earth
cry you to the harbinger
of the rain.
johnny west Oddly enough, I can't cry.
Sometimes I feel an anger so naked and disgusting that I'm amazed at my inability to weep.
Maybe one day something will rip me apart and I'll be able to cry.
I can only hope.
abms cry myself to sleep 010330
Tiffa I empathize, johnny. I have been so conditioned for so long that emotions were "unreal" (stupid theory) that i have willed my body to stop the tearing process just as the hormones go into action. I want to cry now, i try to cry. I have always felt that tears were a weakness, but i realize that sometimes its essential to human production and well being. I try now, but i cant even do this when i am alone. Its sad. 010509
nocturnal I went for years without crying. then, nothing at all happened and recently I've been able to. once you start, it's not so hard. I cried I think twice this year. once when I was here at school. I cried because I wanted to be at home with all my friends, the typical college freshman crap. then the second time was at home the night before I had to come back. I was looking around my room and just never wanted to leave. thinking about how long it would be before I'd be back just opened the floodgates. I think I only cried once last year, I think it was over something stupid. anyway, I always feel better after I cry, it's a great release. 010509
j_blue crying must be like eating 010509
nocturnal what? 010509
johnny west is shitting on your foot If crying's like eating, I would have died of starvation long ago. How can one cry when one loves the world with such a passion? LOVE!!! LOOOOVVVVVE!!! 010509
nocturnal being a hypocrite smart ass.

p.s. go to red. for we have been chosen by god.
owko i cried today.
i won't say why, but it felt good.
partly because no-one was around,
mainly because there was alot of stuff building up inside me.

i hope i never lose the ability to cry.
ladybird it's good for you 010515
rubydee sometimes i cry at work
i feel ashamed
i let the facade down

angry creases
never enough kleenex
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Mana and now i'm crying isnt that what you want?
and i'm trying to live my life on my own but i wont
oh and at times i do believe i am strong so someone tell me
why why why
do i feel stupid
watch the tear drops fall to the floor
a puddle of pain surrounding you
feel the anger roll off your cheek
the hurt pouring from your eyes
you wonder why
more anger and pain flood from your tired skeleton
you feel sick in your stomach
{sick in your mind}
you cant think straight
and anger
you want it to stop
blindly you grope to the kitchen
your eyes are so swollen
you cannot see
blinded by your own pain
you stumble and fall
your blood seeps out onto the hard kitchen floor
you open the drawer
a glimmer that promises hope
you werent thinking to look ahead
you had completely turned around and your past overcame you
now a body lies in a pool of blood and tears

[i am working on this one]
Logan I guess im just a wuss, I cry way to easily, I dont know why, I just do I try to hold back but never fail the tears start to run... Im just too sensitive... 010629
tit sometimes i wonder if i am dead. is that the reason i can't feel things? like pain? maybe i am insane. do insane people hurt? but i think i might be in a coma. i know the feelings are there, but i am just unable to touch them. unable to express myself. maybe i will make it in to the record book, for the longest coma. it has been 10 years and counting. 010706
Jessica I dont cry. I cant cry. Not because I dont want too...I just cant do it...and if I do manage to shed a tear or start crying...its fake...I can stop any time I want. Sometimes I just wanna cry in hopes that it will make me feel better when Im done. Like I think that it will relieve tension....but I never can....why cant I cry? 010809
unhinged i can't go because i don't want you to see me cry 011020
mightbe for situations that haven't involved me yet. sometimes i drive 60 minutes to get back six months, like a smile with missing teeth, it just ain't all there and it ain't pretty. at least i am feeling something. "do you want me to stop?" (insert pause) no, I like this. 011020
ares i don't often cry
after all, it's not the manly thing to do
sometimes i feel like it
but i can't admit it, despite all that "new age guy" crap
but not crying means you can save it all up
and when the time comes, letting it out feels great
lonely i'm tired of crying, i say

and i watch myself, in this manicured wildnerness, and make sure i do not pretend that i want to stop crying

see? i said "i say"

because i know as well as you that if i REALLY wanted to stop crying i could

but i obviously don't

so that makes me a fuck up, who should probably die
lady lunchbox i am a fragile soul.

i've cried more times than i can count, and most of those tears were caused by unimaginable pain.

however, i usually laugh so hard that i cry. i cried at e.r. last week. i cried three days ago when he told me all the reasons he loves me. i cried when i was shopping for a present for my friend's baby shower. i cry at the drop of a hat, whether they are tears of sadness or joy.

maybe i'm not a fragile soul.

maybe my tear ducts are just hyperactive.
blown cherry and then I cry because I love you too much 020814
phillip just a reflex. 021026
lyrical reference system don't cry

Don't be so hard on yourself.
Those tears are for someone else.
I hear your voice on the phone.
I hear you feel so alone.
My baby.

When we were young,
And truth was paramount.
We were older then,
And we lived our life without any doubt.
Those memories,
They seem so long ago.
What's become of them? When you feel like me I want you to know.

Don't cry.
You're not alone.
Don't cry,
Tonight, my baby.
Don't cry,
You'll always be loved.
Don't cry,
My baby.

Today I dreamed,
Of friends I had before.
And I wonder why.
The ones who care don't call anymore.
My feelings hurt.
But you know I overcome the pain.
And I'm stronger now,
There can't be a fire unless there's a flame.

Don't cry.
You're not alone.
Don't cry,
Tonight, my baby.
Don't cry.
You'll always be loved.
Don't cry oh...

Limousines and sycophants,
Don't leave me now,
Cause I'm afraid what you've done to me.
Is now the wolf.

In my bed,
In my head.

The challenges, we took were hard enough.
They get harder now.
Even when we think that we've had enough.
Don't feel alone,
Cause it's I you understand.
I'm your sedative,
Take a piece of me whenever you can.
Angie I use to cry all the time on the outside. If I was happy or upset or hurt those little drops came right on cue, I use to wanted to stop having those tears stream down my face, having everyone see them. But now its worse, because as I trained myself not to cry, I put it on the inside. Now Im the only one who knows how much I cry, and that is worse. For now when I cry nobody cares. 021119
will last time I cried was 2 nights ago. I'm not going to say why. I know it was a pathetically stupid reason. I end up most nights in tears. You know that saying, 'what you never have you won't miss'? Thats complete crap. I don't believe it at all - if it was true, then I probably wouldn't cry half as much as I do. I didn't cry for nearly 2 weeks once, and then ended up running out of my biology lesson in tears. it wasn't pleasant and I don't care to repeat it. maybe writing all this is selfush? i don't know. 021206
kiwigirl die on a hilltop eyeing the crows waiting for your lids to close but you want to watch as they peck you flesh funny how they go for the eyes first. 021212
kiwigirl die on a hilltop eyeing the crows waiting for your lids to close but you want to watch as they peck you flesh funny how they go for the eyes first.
I Cry, I Don't See Why It Seems Such A Female Thing To Do, I See Men As I Walk Down The Street Crying. 021213
me dont cry because its over,
smile because it happened
Chilly D I always tell myself I won't ... and I always do. Maybe people would take me more seriously if they knew. Maybe people would take me more seriously if I didn't act so hateful. 030110
Chilly D I always tell myself I won't ... and I always do. Maybe people would take me more seriously if they knew. Maybe people would take me more seriously if I didn't act so sarcastic about every pathedic thing.. 030110
blown cherry after a while the tiny salt crystals stuck to my cheeks begin to make my skin itch 030112
*nat* I really didnt want to cry on new years eve. And i still dont know why i did.

My friends tried to cheer my up by dancing on the table, but the view of joannes large massed backside was not what i needed to stop crying.

Oh dear...
Chilly D I've never seen a boy cry.
Well... a couple of months ago my dad got really mad at my brother, who is 1 year older than I and is generally a happy kid... seems and tells me he is anyways, and he yelled at him. I don't remember about what because I was probably in my room pissed off about everything and having a pity party, but I did hear a lot of yelling. Only from my dad though... he yells at us a lot, or he used to. Ever since I stopped chatting and all that, I guess I have cleaned up so he stopped, but I'll tell ya, he yells pretty good and makes you feel like shit and want to die. I always yelled back but my brother didn't because he knows... and me, I guess I'm just stubborn. But anyways, I heard sobbing and his door was cracked and I was wondering what the hell? And I opened the door and I saw him sitting on his chair with his head down on the keyboard puller-outer thing, and he was just crying. And I didn't say anything... I don't think I did. I don't remember. That was the last time I ever saw him cry, and he never cries, ever. Once he tried to hang himself in front of my little brother and me when he was 12. That was bad. He can be emotional when he wants, but most the time he is an asshole and nice at the same time. Does that make sense? So, yeah... what I said at the beginning. I've never seen a boy cry... unless he was kicked in the balls, but that doesn't count. I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and this Charlie kid cried a lot... I mean I know it's just a book but I think there are people out there that are like the characters in books in some way or exactly. It just seemed kind of weird to me when I kept reading, "and I cried," so much.
one for the road crying is one of the things that I wish I could still do sometimes. I think I have burnt myself out of it. I have spent many a night crying myself to sleep because the things in my life have come full force around to slap me in the face. I can remember the last time I cryed and it was years ago, the most i can manage to do anymore is to squeez out one or two tears even when I am far beyond the point where I know i used to be huddled in a little ball weaping. i know it sounds pretty stupid but sometimes i just want to cry again. 030123
catherine i remember reading a short story where the little girl never cried, because every time she started it seemed that there was so much to cry about that she couldn't stop ... and i think that's how i'm starting to be 030218
Eowithien Something that I need to do every now and then but always feel like its wrong. Someone or something is always stopping me or making me feel ashamed of wanting to cry.

Its good for relief from sadness or pain.
mo wish i could easier 030225
niska gee I'm glad it's raining
'cause no one sees your tears drop when it pours

you always wanted someone you could count on 'till the end

all they wanted, was a hero
all I needed, was a friend

I'm awfully glad it's raining
I'm so glad it's raining...

--from Earnest Goes To Camp.
niska gee I'm glad it's raining
'cause no one sees your tears drop when it pours...

you always wanted someone you could count on 'till the end

all they wanted, was a hero
all I needed, was a friend

I'm awfully glad it's raining
I'm so glad it's raining...

--from Earnest Goes To Camp.
pajama il never forget when i was a kid...
late at night when i couldnt fall back asleep...
I would slowly and carefully walk up into my life less dark living room...
the only sound was the creeking of that old house when i tiptoed across the floor.....
the street out side was lit with a single street light.....
i would sit on the ledge beside the window.......
breathe the the cool, fresh air in through my nose....
and i would cry...i wasnt sad..I was alive..I was a part of the air, and the trees, and stillness of the night...
i wish i still had that....
DevilsLyric I was talking to a girl online once and I finally cried. It had been a while.

It felt like my brain just popped. It felt good.

Its almost as good as cutting.
Rael She thinks she can make me cry.
She's already done her worst.
I won't cry for her.
She isn't worth the salt of my tears.
wednesday what is it about crying that soothes me?.. i dont know about you, but im often crying on the inside, and its not untill i sit still and selfishly think about ALL that is wrong, that a tear strays from my heart onto my cheek, mabey its the way it rolls, and directs itself over any imperfections that does it, or mabey its the fact that yes, it has come from my heart and in some minute, indirect way reminds me of a good thing, a loved one etc .. i havnt quite figured it out yet, i figure my way of thinking on things like this is rather strange..but..if everyone thought/acted the same the world would be a very boring place. 030517
Mr.Gray Cry......there are reasons to but i dont...i hardly care about people anymore(just my friends)theres no point.
sometimes when im depressed and listening to the cure. i just want to kill myself but i dont cry there is no always crying on the inside.
me i married a man who has never cried since his mother died though i helped him shed a tear when his father died. he has never cried for me... 030624
skiblu rivers lakes stream brooks straights oceans drips little tingle potion over flow to cleans purify outside inside pores glands veins generates happiness or pain holds up bones muscles marrow cain gain strenght that can always be bent in any direction to anything that can be faced cased to the lowest of the base to where its still at the top cleansing purifying agent joy to frustration greed or all you need 030717
anotherblatherer another one of those emotions your supposed to let go and not hold back
ya right whoever made that up was mentally disturbed
shoccolo for every one i throw away, i wonder how many of me would be crying if it were the other way around.

and then i realize that it's horrible, and i want more quality out of life, but in reality, i'm saving quality for someday, somebody else, later. who? who knows... someone better, i guess.

and i tired to cry, i really did. but it's the same story every time. i know my part, and how it ends. it ends with me getting my way.

i wonder if it's you every time. the same person, doomed to allow this to happen to yourself, but probably not. i am probably this horrible to everyone, not just you.

i hate to think i made you cry. i hate to think my being distant was the reason you finally stopped calling, finally realized i won't come back, or care about you, and finally decided to carry on without me. finally realized i'd done this to someone else by now, and you're not even the most recent regret...

cry. funny word of three consonants. if we were playing scrabble these two vowels in my hand would spell your name with those three letters, but that's not allowed in this game...

your name is inconsequential. it's merely a coincidence that it rhymes with sorry.
mysticspiral Can I cry with you tonight? I haven't cried in so long. Sometimes i feel if i do not find it in me to cry right now, over this very deserving incident I will actually, physically, cease being human. Once the dry eyed moments give way to inflamed even drier eyes, I come to the conclusion that there are two people in the world. Those who cry- who's souls purge bitter liquified pain; and those who make others cry- who's eyes secrete sweet fluid only for effect. Fakers who long to be real, to be human 031020
Lemon_Soda I would like to cry alot. I feel like it a good portion of the time.

I get misty eyed alot, but mostly around others strong display of emotion or a really good movie/cartoon.

Ah, sweet idealism...

I only CRY cry once in awhile though. Get about one or two good bawls every couple of years.
Death of a Rose haven't in quite awhile 031020
me! cry when you're in pain...let your tears drop don't keep the pain inside it will only hurt more... 031020
reue cry when your alone
cry when your in pain
cry when your afraid
cry when your surprised
cry when your happy
cry when your so confused you have no idea what to think

why is it that before you came along nothing could hurt me, scratch my shell? now when your around, i feel so much

i'm so glad i'm not dead inside... anymore.
scorpion heart the tears run down my hot cheeks as i sit crumpled against the wall. my heart, pierced, lets out its pain. out goes the tears, my heart leaks them out, all out, and i with the back of my hand, i wipe the remains of my pierced heart away. 031116
endless desire my nose tingles when my eyes fill with tears
almost like a sneeze.
ferret i wait in vain, praying for the snow, to drown me in white lies...

- ferret
je suis TEAr
i think you get some sort of sick pleasure out of seing me upset.
your whole purpose in life is to make me cry...
what did i ever do to you?
you hate me because im gay...
i hate you because youre my mother!
☼Holly☼ As I grow older, away from my immature teenage years, I find myself sheding tears more often. I find myself appreciating the simple things, and I find myself more emotional then ever. However, I will never forget the tears that I have cried for him. He was my happiness, my soul, my heart... - My life - and each tear that flows down my cheeks, represent a peice of me that was lost when he left. 031202
Epsilon I cried once so that my teacher would give me an extra day to prepare for a test which I had studied really hard for, but just couldn't seem to understand the material. Afterwards I was really embarassed I had used such cowardly means of getting my way. 031207
cheetah pussyass 031223
amanda you walk around day by day acting as if nothings wrong.. you play things of like it's ok and that it doesnt matter that someone is hurtting you just by having to be around them. You try to be strong, not to show your weakness, when all you want to do is cry because it's unbearable 040115
blah "don't cry, you sound better when you laugh." - littletinycloud's diary 040115
loud scream in darkness of your soul

but only humble teardrop on your cheek
falling_alone stop making her cry in your fits of rage.

every tear kills her all the more.

every tear makes my heart bleed for her.
cry i think of him and i... cry tears.. just soft gently tears though, like his soft and gently hands move down my body...i cry when i think of how much i am going to miss him when he leaves.. 040201
cry i think of him and i... cry tears.. just soft gently tears though, like his soft and gently hands move down my body...i cry when i think of how much i am going to miss him when he leaves.. 040201
cry i think of him and i... cry tears.. just soft gently tears though, like his soft and gently hands move down my body...i cry when i think of how much i am going to miss him when he leaves.. 040201
cry i think of him and i... cry tears.. just soft gently tears though, like his soft and gently hands move down my body...i cry when i think of how much i am going to miss him when he leaves.. 040201
Fierce To cry is to swallow
Yourself whole
In a completely different
Who would have ever believed
It would begin this way?
But it ends the same
Nothing has changed.
tourist Oceans Within
Escape Thy Mortal Bonds
Flowing Free
The Common Human River
Moves Onward
justME i havnt cried since i have cut. i hate crying and id rather bleed onehundred times than cry one singe tear. 040203
minnesota_chris I hate those singe tears. 040203
ethereal impossible. 040223
Eowithien A good release. But I hate the noisy ones. I prefer streaming, silent tears.

Stop telling me to, you'll regret it when your commands finally work.
no reason when i could, i didn't want to

when i wanted to, i couldn't
the walking heart-ache. i love it when it rains, for the rain hides my tears. 040227
lady lunchbox tonite my tears are falling like the rain, and all i can do is drown. 040318
_alone & lost_ I'm so scared..... help me...... i don't know what to do...... I know what my problem is...... I keep everything bottled up inside, and whenever something happens, It doesn't phase me..... until night. Night is when i start to think. Thinking is VERY bad. Don't ever try it. I think about all the things that happened, and all the emotion I kept inside has to be released....... through all the tears. But my brother sleeps in my room, and he could wake up if i just started sobbing.......... so i've learned through the months how to cry silently. It hurts so much.... and my stomach churns, but i have to do it. I have to do it. Sometimes I can't keep things inside of me during the day...... so i need to cry. But i couldn't cry in front of everyone..... then they would know what i really think about, and what really is wrong with me. So through the months, I have learned to cry dryly. It hurts even worse than silently, because I have to stay silent, and i can't turn out the lights or curl up in the corner of my closet. My throat gets a huge lump in it, and sometimes i can't breathe for a while- that really hurts. I cover my strained expression with my long hair.... only used as a mask to hide me. 040522
skalix obscure hint : hattyer (the rest is up to yoooouuuuu) it shouldn't be too hard to find me now =P 040606
elegance cry then stop remembering what you were crying about. 040611
you spit is basically made of the same stuff as tears which are prtically the same thing as piss so if you cried enough wouldn't you not need to piss

do emo kids just not go piss?
Mr. Funkadelic oh i can't wait till misstree gets ahold of you! 040913
nighean_siofra i'll cry for you
and the tears
you could not shed
will spill from my eyes
and dot the pillow
camille a release from all that troubles you 041011
BarbyDoll I remember reading a childhood story about Owl who decides to make tear drop soup. He sits with a kettle on his lap and thinks sad thoughts: thoughts of books that nobody reads and spoons that have dropped behind stoves. Sometimes I want to cry into a kettle, to take all this sadness and put it into a bowl so I can look at it and hold it, but it will no longer be a part of me 041030
BarbyDoll I remember reading a childhood story about Owl who decides to make tear drop soup. He sits with a kettle on his lap and thinks sad thoughts: thoughts of books that nobody reads and spoons that have dropped behind stoves. Sometimes I want to cry into a kettle, to take all this sadness and put it into a bowl so I can look at it and hold it, but it will no longer be a part of me 041030
tootsie I dont know y i cry so much 050401
no reason everything seems to make me want to cry lately for one reason or another
in varying degrees
i think it's something about change, i think it's something about me, i think i don't know what it's something about
it's becoming natural
devilbunny Cry me a fucking river why dontcha? 061110
Answer man dan Lets not cry people.'s so silly!!!!Although a big part of me would rather throttle you all whilst screaming SHUT UP YOU BUNCHA CUNTS today i would rather help (as i have little else to do through lack of recreational substance).
JUST FUCKING FOCUS!!!I wont pretend that in my current patch of rough deppression that i haven't shed my fair share of tears but I always tell myself as best I can: "shit man...that was such a fucking waste of time."
Here are some examples;
Contribute to the world of music which has become a little stale (razorlight/snow patrol/crazy frog)
Help the world of scientific progress (destroy all pro life bastards!/beat the animal liberation front fools and help ease the pain of suffering man)
Beat the republican/conservative ignorance of the government (whilst maintaining safe distance from wooly liberal mentality, it helps nothing)
And finally paint a happy painting of yourself smiling!!! (instead of scratching the eyes out of photographs of yourself with a blunt compass)
ari i used to cry all the time. anything would make tears roll down my face, engulf my soul. i was an emotional basketcase, inside and out. i cried over tea kettles, first degree murder and rape, the autumn leaves, and internal pain.
but somehow..all the tears have dried up. theyre all gone now. my meds are fucked up. i dont cry. flowers are blooming. i dont cry. i cut. i dont cry. my best friend left. i dont cry. i feel pain...i cant cry.
but the question is...which one is better?
Saara I cried a thousand tears today
thinking of you
of how much I miss you
how you use to laugh
and smile
and sing
and even get mad.
I miss how you use to get excited over the simplist things
and how you brought joy to everyone's world
and how you always snored the loudest when you were asleep.
You were amazing
and wonderful
and so I cried a thousand tears today.
Isaou Screw your face up in a crying position, then take deep gulping breaths and try to sing along with slow music. 071001
f don't do it on your own, let me join in, it sounds like therapy. 071001
Isaou Some say crying is the best form of therapy.
Then again others say it is laughter...
f it is both, crying seems much deeper though, i cried enough last year, this year must me laughter year ?
Everything seems ridiculously funny to me, from an array of logos to different brandings for the same product, from designer clothing to poverty, from war to making love. Is that funny? maybe it is not but what makes me laugh most of all is how hard people try to be liked or accepted and in the process forget who they are.
flowerbed on a cloud Please please please please! Please let me cry...I'm begging for this to happen. I want to get rid of this sadness.

Lemon_Soda Many of them don't know who they are to begin with and try to find it in the eyes of others. To bad it can only ever give them half of wha ttheir looking for. 080421
f what are they looking for though?
People tend to avoid listening to their inner voice because it makes them feel afraid mostly of being alone in ideas or thoughts so they quit asking questions and become something called a blind adult. Watching ants follow in a line is no longer as fascinating as it was when you were a child.
why is that then?
f maybe some people do know who they are but the whole point of anything is to share experiences and produce high levels of seraphic yum yum to not know where you are anymore!
i think i took and extcy pill mixed with trips or something.

words can fuck off as far as i'm concerned.
In_Bloom "Now you say that you love me
.after being so untrue
.I want you to cry- cry for me
.I want you to cry- cry to me
.I want you to cry
.Oh, cry...
.Because I've cried a river for you"
Risen Do not cry for me now, do not cry for what you think has come to pass. It is never as bad as you think.

Do not cry for not being the last arms to have held me.

Cry when you are no longer the one held in my heart.

Do not cry yet.
david I would cry every day.
Then I started the medication.
I have cried once in the last three months.
what's it to you?
who go