Barrett I've got a bike
you can ride it if you like
it's got a basket
a bell that rings
and things to make it look good
I'd give it to you if I could, but I borrowed it

you're the kind of girl that fits in with my world
I'll give you anything, everything if you want, thing

I've got a cloak
it's a bit of a joke
there's a tear up the front
it's red and black
I've had it for months
if you think it could look good, then I guess i should...

I'll let God finish if he wants
god You're the kind of girl that fits in with my world.
I'll give you anything, everything if you want things.

I know a mouse, and he hasn't got a house.
I don't know why. I call him Gerald.
He's getting rather old, but he's a good mouse.

You're the kind of girl that fits in with my world.
I'll give you anything, everything if you want things.

I've got a clan of gingerbread men.
Here a man, there a man, lots of gingerbread men.
Take a couple if you wish. They're on the dish.

You're the kind of girl that fits in with my world.
I'll give you anything, everything if you want things.

I know a room of musical tunes.
Some rhyme, some ching. Most of them are clockwork.
Let's go into the other room and make them work.

syd barrett.
Barrett written for his girlfriend at the time, Jenny Spires.
God, buy this book tomorrow!
god yeh. it's definitely something i need. 001206
startfires sometimes i wonder about you barrett. alot of times, actually. 001206
Barrett hmmn, how so? 001206
... this isdumb 001207
pat sajak that's how i like it. 001207
nn passion, freedom, expenses, work, materia, desire 010421
syd change, return, success 011201

My friends were the ones to teach me how to ride a bike, witch @ the time was quite embarrassing, but looking back on the experience it makes me smile.

I have so many fond memories of riding my bike throughout the two conjoining apartments in solitude while blaring my stolen Wilson Phillips until it wore out, it didn’t matter that I wasn’t going any wear so much as the fact that I had the FreEdoM -to- go.

I miss those days
TK typo Wilson Phillips tape 020226
myplasticmind i used to rise my bike as fast as i could and pretend that i could go faster then the wind. It made me feel special to know that i could, and it was my onw little way of escaping this fucked up thing we call 'reality'. My bike was my fantasy???
wow, how sad.
gerdle third 021012
phil Me and Mr. Bike
he keeps me well
I run him down
but keep him greased
does he keep me sane?
from the looks of what I wrote
I don't think so
oh well . . .
I am always happy on my bike
running and sliding
skidding bumping
seeing every crack
and every tree
watching the plants roam
I just got back
tomorrow I will do it again
but I never groan
on the road it slips away
especially when I think
I love to see the sky
and swerve around all the cars
see people out walking around
wondering if they ever walk far
every time on a bus or a car
it is fun too
but not as much fun for me
and when I break down
it is only walking
I don't see many
I wonder why
aren't they brave
don't they have the time
if they wanted to
buy a bike
and go somewhere outside
Death of a Rose I used to ride a bike along the city pathways, all over the place, all day on some saturdays, just to ride....I haven't ridden in awhile, I miss it. The same with my life, I left it behind as well.

Blue Bike, how ironic.
nomatter I still have the purple bike that I got for Christmas when I was in the Fourth grade. I used to love it. I would ride to the post office all the time for my mom. I got lectured by the police twice for not wearing a helmet, I never owned one. 031003
I love that ugly little bike. I like the card in its spokes, The boy on the seat. I want the wind in his ears making his eyes water.
hsg fun 040924
hsg cycle 041008
milo when i got home yesterday i found out my bike had been stolen...
this really sucks, my bike is my only mode of transportation besides public transit and it's not even a year old.
this whole thing made me so sad = (

i hope the mofo who stole it breaks his fucking face while he rides it, i really do.
three words ghost todd bike 060819
pete i had to get in her guts today (that is if my bike is a she.. she can be tempermental but is usually a good ride.. haaaaa...oi bad joke pete, bad joke). i discovered this seemingly useless part of her that i never noticed only after a good third of the chain got caught in it. i still have her "blood" on my hands. 070420
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