Quintessensual in times, in fleeting moments, like now, the leaders come forward and that is how we progress to tomorrow 991122
R.A.I.N. new roman sucks 991217
mr. mike new roman is my favorite font in the whole world 000320
the light of impending doom new roman is the devil, and i am a painter 010428
a thimble in time With ships and stowage-
With destinations in mind
But never with anchor
Life in these times
oldephebe that was brilliant Mr. Thimble 050817
the delinquent formerly known as R.A.I.N. got nothing on me.

i'll be done, home and hosed and still have time to make my crappy lunch ready for another day of working while watching the times.
krupt my fingers have not grazed the soft keys on this blog in a while, ive missed these times where ive cried to these dark blue pages so much, they know everything about me. they help me express myself anonomously, known only by the name kruptstar. many know of me, few actually know who i am. i am a product of the internet, i am the moon, and the stars on a cold night. i am the earth and i am all of you... and just like you, i am just someone who needs to get this shit out... 080226
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