deb i got a free lunch today at work
because i was nice to someone
enough for them to go talk to
my managers and tell them~
through my larangytis
or whatever the hell i have
i still am sweet lil me
and apparently, i'm worth free food

im glad this doesnt happen every day or i'd blow up just like a hot air balloon
lokkust Hardcore Lydia 000226
silentbob i want a vanilla malt from dairy queen. yes, that's right. 000615
stupidpunkgirl you used to come and pick me up
and take me out to lunch
you kept a blanket in your car, because i was always cold.
you would always try to get me to eat more.
and try to buy me food.
we'd drive around until it was time to go back
you don't come anymore
i miss seeing you, waiting
florescent light

anyone wanna meet me for lunch?
Toxic_Kisses I happin to be devowering some Macaroni Salad and pickles for lunch, this iz the first I've eatin all day! 011010
spooky fish standing in for blather spell check man the spelling in this place is atrocious, lately

no offense kid, but it's "devouring"
Toxic_Kisses ^.^ No offence taking, I actually appreciate the correction, It wasn’t till it waz too late that I realized that I’d for gotten to spell check, and that welllllll maybe no one will notice while I crossed my fingers, oh wellz. Any how I'll try and be more careful in the future when it comes to my spelling. 011010
Toxic_Kisses ... Sounds good right about now seeing az its 6:11 and I've yet to eat yet. Gawd this place iz addicting! 011011
silentbob cup of chicken noodle soup, oyster crackers
salad, spinach and pineapple.
diet coke.
what's it to you?
who go