kendera is a wooooooord.
blah blah.

birdmad while the occasional parrot my be satisfied with a simple unadorned cracker

some birds prefer a nice garden vegetable cracker with a garlic and herb dip on the side
Timmy They still make cracker bombs... why not nigger chasers? 010815
johnny west How about something to get rid of racist pigs who fill blather with shit like that? 010815
Inanna The food(not the racial slang) that we know as crackers are excellent to eat if you have nausea from morning sickness. 010815
Timmy Hey Johnny Boy... sayin shit like that only eggs us on. If you just ignore this ignorance, it'll go away.
That may not be true for society as a whole, but I'm pretty sure it'll work here.
In the meantime, however, DIE NIGGER DIE!
the biggest mexican youve ever seen the day before halloween came and the weird rednecks down the street had a house fire. cars come and go at all hours from that place.

sometimes funny-smelling fumes come off of that place and everyone suspects that there's likely a meth lab somewhere in that scrap heap they call their yard

it was the third fire in five days, and as the fire truck came and quickly got it under control, the thought that seemed to flow in unison, unspoken, but in several languages was:

"My god, why did you save those miserable crackers"
prison tat i would know Timmy by the back of his head, if you know what i mean. 010815
nocturnal ritz with peanut butter. mmmm.
champagne crackers with brie. mmmm again.
Timmy Actually, my mom won't let me grow a mullet. She says it's "tacky." 010816
nemo there good to munch on 010817
florescent light crackers are good the morning after you've had a lot of yummy vodka shots, and you suddenly find yourself regretting it 010817
black-dyed gel product that breaks one of my two cardinal rules of drink: never drink in the morning. my other rule is never drink alone. ah yes, the simple code i live by... oh but crackers have no rules or boundaries, they should put that on the label: CRACKERS, DO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT WITH 'EM, that should be the cracker motto. Ritz before saltines and to hell with the triscit. Crackers also go well with ramen. Cracker is also a great band; they also go great with ramen. 010817
florescent light liquor stores should give free complementary crackers with every bottle you by 010818
babybat munch munch munch 020122
ellen cherry charles Blimey! She's gone crackers! 020128
starry eyes i was walking today
looking down
and there on the ground was an empty pack of orange cheese peanut butter crackers

a company called "austin" had made them
it reminded me of texas,
where my love lives
so separated and far away
my heart longs for him, i ache to be with him
to be in his arms
because there, nothing will be able to scar me again

funny how a small cellophane wrapper
and its brand name
crushed and forgotten on the grass
could cut right to my heart

but perhaps it wasnt the wrapper at all
love is what has cut me
love's thorn has snagged into me,
pricking at the depths of my heart
as much as our distance pains me
i wouldnt want to live without his love
i would take blisters for him
cuts, scratches, lacerations, bruises, welts, scars
id accept all those
to be his love
MeSsIaH im a cracker you fuckin bastards 030729
what's it to you?
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