matt it makes women really pissy about once every month 990625
lisa_is_bionic The offering is molasses
I guess I'm an underwater thing
I'm liquid running
There's a sea secret in me
It's plain to see it is rising
But I must be flowing liquid diamonds
dug Nothing can stop the flow from my lips
Sparks fly from fingertips
As the beat twists and skips
No one can understand this
Sintina To move upstream to go with the water or the crowd or all the people or animals or whatever that move in a certain way.

Or to move or to run or to dance... those who flow can be doing anything I suppose, thoughts can flow

My thoughts are flowing now.
I'll be damned.
The Truth Our universe flows
Gravity is an ocean.
Stars float on the surface.

Stellar currents gently drift through space.
It will never stagnate,
the motion is continuous.

Galaxies are flushed.
They are storms of light.

Time is a ripple.
And Life rides the waves.
phil connection between the body and the spirit 020215
Perspective_Of_Soul I felt a little sick.My stomach turned a bit.
When life drips, it feels warm.It leaves a little trail.It hides at first.
I was unaware of the effect until a moment later when the hairs on my arm stood up.
I saw shadows bouncing before.Hiding behind lights, quickly pouncing out of sight.
I saw them tho.
I saw shadows running over my face in the mirror.Only there for a moment, but i know they are there.They want to consume me.
Why do they want me ?
It is just me.Nobody special.
Is that why ?
andrew Csikszentmihalyi 071007
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