birdmad when_sleep_comes_down 020118
carne de metal tumbleweed. 020206
Drift languid calling crest winged waves,
spreading, swallowed, pulse of surf,
floating, stealing last silver.
gulping moon rays;
floating soft waves,
hunting sanguine warm waters, embryonic.

rushing ocean embroider motion,
white-maned folds,
salt-tinged unicorn thunder shore-born normandy storm,
All alone.
Witness star shone greek tragedy,
grand majesty curl galaxy,
burning stones,
waters which watched star sagas few are shown,
and fewer known.

Seaweed strands trap surf-rough sands,
rough flesh ropes,
blackberry vines torn from ocean floors,
command hands.
climb ashore,
and lay breathless half out of the breakers;
zen and sore.
Glory Box apart divide.
the waves are so small and gentle i don't notice them until i can't feel your hand in my own anymore.
sea metaphors.
i open my eyes and all around me water
water water
when night falls the sky glows and in the distance i can feel your pulse
and we're both too wet and cold
and the night is so heavy
so we sit back in ourselves
turning over and over
smoothing rough edges
remembering fingertips
light sweep of dark eyelashes
do nothing while daily
we are washed further and further
dandy Topic drift, like blather but from one mind: http://topicdrift.blogspot.com/ 050407
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