daxle like flesh colored christs that glow in the dark 990603
h8r i like animal flesh. with bar b q sauce. that's good shit. 990831
weeze flesh and blood needs flesh and blood
and baby you're the one
i'm dreaming of.
birdmad i want to spend eternity getting to know yours 000401
fairydust it's astonishing when you know every inch of someone else's but everyday you discover a new flaw in your own. 000403
Tiffa the soft touch
the yeilding ground
it holds me firmly
the smell of it when it hardens
the taste of it so tender
i cup it and inhale as the scent takes me away
and my own flesh
the very nerves tingle
to melt and to re-form
in another body
to feel that flesh
to taste it
its a dream Ive always had
MollyGoLightly I don't like it when people say this instead of "skin." It's just the sound of the word. It bugs me. 000522
Tiffa Mollygosilly

i think it has a different meaning than skin. a nuance. skin to me means that stuff...that thin layer of stuff on me...but flesh has volume. flesh is what you grab when you embrace another person...you dont grab their skin...it doesnt have substance
Brad I always thought of flesh as everything above the bone... all of the skin and underlying fat and even muscle tissue. Like, eating animal flesh is eating meat. I always thought of your flesh as your meat. 000524
Queen Of Corrupters yeah i totally agree, i would rather grab and bite and lick and taste someones flesh than just their skin.... 000524
MollyGoLightly I get what ya'll are saying...but I still dislike the word. It sounds so cheesy, I read it and I hear Vincent Price saying it:

"flesh..mwa ha ha."
Brad point duly noted. 000524
Tiffa I LOVE VINCENT PRICE!!!!! i think he is the sexiest man ever to live and i would love to spend an hour with him. MMmmmm Molly you are a bad girl for giving me these thoughts. he should have a topic all to himself 000524
skiblu nice when it's gently moved against eachother
maybe an accident in sleep
maybe not
erin i love madonna's ray of light cd. one of the only things that bothers me about it is that i'm pretty certain that she didn't write a damn note or word of it, even though she's credited along with the other writers.
in the song 'little star' she says her daughter is 'made of flesh and bones.' honestly, that's just a disturbing way to refer to your baby...which makes me think she didn't write the lyric. there's nothing wrong with singing someone else's songs, but there's a lot wrong with taking some of the credit.
silentbob A pound of flesh no more no less
that is the payment of Shylock in Merchant of Venice
Aaron the skin that i'm in. the flesh i was born, will live, bleed and die in. 000805
kaskarkaminski only if you die real, real soon..Aaron please let me know if you got my e mail 000805
misstree The Consumer

I want to press my fingers into your flesh,
slide them past the skin and
inside you, feel the flexing muscles
that entrance me, that own me.

I want to sink my teeth in and rend,
feel you, slick and rubbery
and flowing red rivers into me,
feel you slide down my throat and nestle in my center.

I want to rip away your skin,
mar your too-perfect beauty,
steal your power and make my mark,
leave you forever altared by my worship.

I want to maul you, tear you,
break you and feel you,
eat of your flesh and drink of your wine,
take you into me, consume you and
claim you as my prize.

copyright 2000. Inspired by the novel _The Consumer_ by M. Girod.
Rainer You can have mine, I don't want it any longer. This all ain't worth the pain. 001010
moonshine Use your hands to manifest your love. 001108
constella i consume myself in all you are
all sweet and beautiful in my eyes
your skin and muscles cling to each other
mine do the same
our flesh touches
i feel in awe
i want this to last forever
unhinged something about this flesh makes me itchy and malcontent 011020
slizylvia touch me you uncompassionate prick.
why won't you touch me.
i need your affection.
pet me.

i'll be your puppy cat.
Death of a Rose Wait a minute. Smile for me, let me see those teeth that will masticate me into oblicion. And such a tongue, hiding almost behind fangs of white and red, ready to lap up the last shreds of my soul. Force it into a book down your throat. Swallow my flesh and it will be as if you can understand me in some primal carnivore way. Bring your id back to me and it can be my sleek black cat. 031009
<3 split nerve endings
raw and exposed blistering flesh
black oozing wounds
congealing blood
shining tissue sewn together
like a lumpy quilt
char being here is a constant reminder of all the hurt i have felt 040511
Asai when a bullet travelling at supersonic velocities strikes flesh, the water content of the body actually ripples.

Yeah, it really hurts.
James Arkham Renounce to your obsolete human flesh... recognize metal as the only option, the neverending life of the static silicon 040924
god nothing lasts forever but forever itsself 040924
Zoa The fleshy flesh of flesh is fleshy 050703
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