me? destroyer of shadows.
things to see by.
but shined hard enough can make them blind.
darkness again.
keeper how i miss you more than anything. i still love you. you always meant so much to me and you continue to even though you are no longer in my life. i long to see you and spend time with you, but at the same time i know that if i do see you ill never want to let you go.

you were my friend, my best friend, my big brother, my first love, and you will always remain with me in my heart
NinNy Nu Nu you sting ray you. 010522
Stuck hey yous , you romantic ones,
you seem real emotional,
I mean reading that kinda makes me emotional, I don't know what to say but whom ever that is directed at, don't you think they should be at least given a chance to read what you wrote if thay havn't already.
I know were you're at .
Miers. Ray means nothing to me. 030921
Ni this is the name of a man i have known my entire life who is dieing slowly and painfully of cancer
if i believed in god i suppose id pray for him
instead i silently wish him to be well or at the least, happy
there is nothing i can do
what's it to you?
who go