charley Them. The others. Not us for certain. How can they do this? They just don’t understand. 980906
jake they are always working on something neat. Space hotels, for example. 980908
sarah they lie, they never listen, they always try to keep you down. 981021
ap It is sometimes hard to remember that the yard stick they measure me by has no markings. 981212
adam they love me and hate me at the same time, their like a puzzle...and i never seem to be able to put them together right. 990211
emsie they're my best friend and someone I'm not sure about.
they always seem to be together, which makes me cry, but they're happy.
I'm sad for myself, but happy for them...
valis they're out there, all right. 991207
deb who are they, anyway?

something i've always pondered..
xopl it's always about them, isn't it? They are always responsible. 991212
jennifer do you know yet? 991219
camille those people, objects 000104
Shar Might Be Giants 000306
Rat Bait They feel me, want them to touch me.

All the way in. How could they ever get deep enough? Another inch is still a mile away.

They will never get as deep as I want them to go.

Want to feel it viscerally. All of it.

"let me take you there
the dotted line surrounded the mind
of a self called nowhere"
Barrett They lead such shitty lives, they invent mine for their twisted entertainment.
(thoughts from a corner bartender)
Chrity go to:
Alexander Beetle "So YOU'RE the 'they' in 'that's what they say'!"

Far Side cartoon. A classic. Mostly visual, of course.
Inanna They are here
They hear without ears
They speak without words
They see right through you
They know all your fears
They are like Lucifer(Lucy)
In the sky with die mans(diamonds)
ALthough some live in the core of the earth.
They can hear your thoughts
They were the missing link
When they used their technology
To make us evolve from apes
They had a farm.
And on this farm they had some people.
papabear They have the perfect life.
They have the perfect family.
They have the perfect car.
They have the perfect stories.
They have the perfect friends.
They have it all figured out.
They really really suck!!!!!
emo who the hell is they anyway? They say this they say that? who the hell is they? and why the hell do so many people care about what they say for god sakes? 011120
poetonfridaymorning THEY.
Incredible feats of ignorant equanimity,
I wonder, Oh, how I wonder-
Where these bloodred fields will bloom forth,
And spare humanity from they who are not but wish to be.
reitoei ever hear someone say "they......" without saying who? just 'they'. they are resonsible for everything. they are unseen unnamed but they exist controlling our lives, creating problems. is it so much to speak the forbidden name of they and stand before the mirror and say "hi they". 020110
ClairE "Who are they anyway?"

"I don't know. I can't answer that for you."

"It's always someone else. It always shifts...You know what? I think that 'they' is everyone else but the people involved in the conversation. Like, if we are talking about 'they', it wouldn't involve your mom. But then if you went and told your mom what we said, she would not be part of the 'they' either."

She didn't say anything really to that.
innocent mayhem who with their words break hearts 020310
loved? he said they were waiting to die 020802
beorn RECENTLY in my English class we have been having a lot of dialog of "we" and "they". Since according to numbers i am a majority in many ways i have gotten the message in class that i am a "we". I don't feel like a "we". I just want to be me. 030510
Patterns They don't understand why I'm always thinking so much, over-extending myself, a self torturer. Why can't I just be happy they ask? Maybe they are right, I'm not cut out for New York. 030713
sarahafi the others 030921
dudeinanigloo that is a really corny movie by the way... 040121
MUNGO why the f**k do we all give up to conformity so easily?
does it help?
does it make ya feel good?
does it give u the strength to be the real you?
does it make you feel grey or cardboard
or empty or breathless?
does it make you laugh at things that aren't funny just because THEY did?
Which came 1st? the chicken or........
oh who gives a f**k.

stop thinking about what 'THEY' say .
They'll neve listen to 'YOU'!
Do what you think for a change and FUCK everyone else!+
zanna they: the ones who insist i change and become more like them.

well they just suck.
they once lived you know what they say... 040622
nonlucid I wonder where the custom of referring to a person of unspecified gender as "they" comes from 040706
nonlucid (and I think the "they" as in "what they say" is perfectly represented by those laughing voices in sitcoms) 040706
McRob 'they' are out there. 040924
birdmad "who are 'they' anyway?"

you know...

i_dream_of_flying_pizza u know they are out to get us if u ever do something wrong like say... ok whatever it doesnt matter i mean im not saying killing hookers is right but just i don't think i should be unished for it... uhh i mean someone who DID kill a hooker not saying i did but if someone did they shouldnt go to jail and its them who are always sending people to jail and stuff.... 041109
Mnominal "They" are what you make of them. 050809
what's it to you?
who go