klairchen suite. 000901
Mlle Avril When will the English decide that self-professed divinely separated people (aka "royalty") are no longer amusing? 001223
Agent008 is bad for you 010118
Jules ...muthafucka

Do you speak it?"
illya23b sitting in an English garden, waiting for the sun 010719
zenfishsticks english major might as well
have been stamped on my
forehead at birth.
it is my life, my love, and
all those other cliches
i've read a million times.

i proofread instinctively.
i shudder at substitutions of "your" for "you're".
i named my cat dickens.
i can write in the dark.

my childhood nickname was 'nerdchild'.
my high school nickname was just 'nerd'.

damn right.
god i've never been to england, but i kind of like the beatles 020110
Mahayana ...language

as in:
a means of communicating ideas or feelings by the use of signs, sounds, gestures, and/or marks having understood meanings

as long as you can affectivly convey those ides/ thoughts/ signs/ sounds/ gestures/ and/or/markings towards some understandable fashion of communication
... than i say ...
who cares if you did or didnt do it exactly how someone else told you to:

type it
write it
say it
speak it
look it
wear it
live it

question your actions/ question the reasons/ question the source/ the history/ the enslavements/question the motives & benefits behind keeping you in strict & obeying order

say ih-tit
spee kit

shite create your own ways of ideaing it up/ thinking it up/ signing it up/ sounding up & out/ gesturing in, out, about, and around/ and/or/marking shite up... towards some understandable fashion of communication

& if that still isnt working
create your own
cube A language that seems to evolve almost daily. I'm no linguist, but i'd have to assume that this is, in part, because of the many from different cultures joining into the mix...
pushpins cool is now "rush" in my vocabulary. dont ask why. it just is. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep 020112
Arwyn I happen to enjoy being english... something you can be proud of... granted I get a lot of comments from the Yanks about losing the war... gracious that was over 200 years ago... but it always makes me laugh... 020112
pushpins "yanks"



i r o n y
silentbob Ralph Wiggum: Me fail English? That's unpossible! 020325
. Mad dogs and the latter (men) go out in the midday sun. But why, you ask? 021026
Zed "You think that we are surrounded by castles in England,
and you're right - we are!
They're everywhere, they keep getting in the way.
You'll be driving along and suddenly, "Whoa - fucking castle!" and you have to go around it.

How we long for a bungalo."

Eddie Izzard.
mclinticsphere The word "English" is phonetically irregular. 021113
Eowithien a language that i hate. i want a language that flows and isn't as hesitant and brutal. 030220
skye one word to describe me. 031107
Smurf Me and English have a love-hate relationship. It's so ugly and unstable, but the ways you can use it are an endless source of comedy. I like french and italian better. I think I'll learn russian next. 040420
x twisted x i speak english.
im 1/2 english.
i love london.
what's it to you?
who go