The Truth The source of power...

is ONE
god the source of power IS one. 010830
ana i doubt anyone will read this, but . . anyways, i've been really tired lately. i'm constantly doubting myself. and its noone else's job to reasure me of myself, but it would be nice for someone to take the time to do that. i wish i knew what the source of this feeling was, i guess its just all in my head and comes from my self 010902
god you'll be fine! keep that chin up! 010902
kathryn open source! 011111
thats technology for ya. open source, put on chips 030623
sneezing where something arises from 031207
kookaburra blather wont let me view the source for my who page.
it makes me so sad...
? Win_the_battle_'but'_lose_the_war 040607
:) Win_the_battle_'but'_lose_the_war_1 040607
Stephanie hembroff source_code 040724
psa come here baby
I have some source code for you
it's hard coded
smooth, smooth
feel the x
nice, isn't it
I knew you'd like it
kid andre Origin.
Step zero.

It's to blame.

Am I free to go?
zeke necessary connection 051021
Piano Hobart Paving

whats up ?

did you want to be the one that organises all the dance festivals on the moon of something?

be nice to your girlfriend - she needs you!

no i don't fancy you! ony .. an icle bit but i also quite like that one that one and that one... !

i LOVE LOVE that one though.
jane someones tail got stuck in my locker today,
why to sister bananas have similar birth marks?
what's it to you?
who go