For sure! I'm telling you, i never really stop. 010204
velvet spasm lucifer sam 010327
ladybird a difficult one to keep up with

how can i promise when i know i won't?
god constantly talking about that hairdo 020616
Mahayana [ replicating blueprints ]

consistently when we have a dialogue you believe that who you were
is not who id desire to be with

consistently when we have a dialogue i discover that who i am is not who you ought to be with

[ replicating blueprints ]
jessicafletcher i pee too much lately. 020714
recycltemnestra she's not a girl who pisses much 030213
Scorshie 'constantly' contains ten letters and three syllables. 030515
Syrope i think any chunks of my brain that could be removed would do nothing but good for me.

why'd lobotomies get such bad raps anyway?

fucking assholes who are at home in their skulls...
what's it to you?
who go