dave thats all you need to know i hate choads that punks names by singling us into posers or sellouts they can go put there head in the trash were they came from. 010802
kx21 A Chicken_flavor of Hole? 010802
trispot The unfamiliar pain and the equally unfamiliar pleasure, it throbs and weeps. I let you do it, but I feel abused. I wanted you to do it but I feel vulnerable. When I was small a doctor put his finger up my ass and i screamed. I had never thought of it as a way in... now I think of nothing else when I am with him, as it is all he thinks of and all he wants. Maybe so her does nto have to look at my face and I can never get pregnant. 010814
mean peyton and rhin? 010814
a question: will you give that shit a rest already? 010814
Devil Doll I've been reading about that peyton guy. Seems like a major prick. Honestly, fucking prick... and rhin... probably a nice girl just doesn't know how to pick 'em... happens to a lot of girls... he's probably one of those assholes you see on cops... 010814
unhinged well considering it's disgustingly sappy probably not... 010814
solidarity agreed 010814
unhinged seems we have a new one in our midst 010815
Dafremen My only problem with peyton is that he doesn't respond to emails. I still have his email to me and although it's preamble was flattering enough to make it suspect, he seems to be a decent enough character. I'm not sure why Rhinna walked out on Danny's tea party after I apologized to her, but I suspect they're both a bit uptight and overexpectant. Being persecuted by the mob can do that to people you know.

I've said my piece. I'm out of this one.

P.S. This is a hell of a lot more entertaining than watching Discovery channel again.
Dafremen P.S. Hey do0d, watcha up to? 010815
Rhinna Thank you...goodbye. 010815
sick You're welcome... good riddance 010815
Dafremen Welllll, I think I'M done reserving judgement. 010816
girl ive had the misfortune of dealing with several in the last 24hrs. i need to vent.
this is the story.
i work at a restaurant that is also a movie theatre. i take orders and do all that waitress stuff before and durring the movie. well there were these two girls and i was takin their orders as the movie was just starting. i took the first girl's order and when i went to take the second girl's order, i had to stand in front of the first girl. (ive been doing this for a year and i always try to stay out of everyones way but in this case it just couldnt be helped) the first girl said in a snotty-makes-you-want-to-back hand-her-tone "EXCUSE ME YOURE IN MY WAY!"
this was another table at the same job on the same night same show.
we were really busy that show, by the way. i brought a girl a drink on my way to bring a bunch of other people drinks. i told her id bring her a straw in a minute.(she hadnt asked for one i just offered)well(and heres the part where u could say this was all my fault anyway and to quit my bitching-but please dont)i forgot. and i know i was in the theatre a few time after and she never flagged me down to ask for that straw. when i dropped the check at that table she said "im not paying that because you never gave me a straw" i said "youre not paying this because you didnt get a straw?" she said "no i didnt drink it"
i dont know it might be me but i think that is just a little much.
okay one more...
i bid on an item on ebay. i won. i went to the post office and got a money order. i sent it. i recieved the package. no problem. several weeks later a get a nonpaying customer warning from ebay saying that this guy says i never payed. i appealed and ebay emailed me back and pretty much removed the charge against me. i figured that whatever went wrong had been resolved. well last week the bastard left negative feedback on me that said "NO CONTACT NO PAYMENT LOSER! AVOID AT ALL COSTS"
i was going to leave him some negative feedback along the lines of how he'll try to scam ya but i opted to email him and see if maybe he sent the package before he got the payment (not a smart move in the first place) and the payment maybe got lost in the mail. if he writes back and is snotty to me, i'll blathe all about it.

im just really frustrated. i cant figure these sort of people out.
why are people so f@&$ing rude?
birdmad "and if assholes could fly
this place would be
busier than O'hare
there's proof in the sky
it's as thick as our skulls
but it's thinner than air"

that alkaline trio song reminds me of the days i spent with my old roomates

i can't say i miss any of them anymore, if it could ever have ben said that i did
silentbob and i now have nothing but you're heartbeat in my head
and i became nothing when i found out you were dead
when i found out i'd never see you again
Johnny C. "without fail! every time I leave my house, its as if I've given up my every right to be left alone, or treated with respect!!! You flies with your untielding little minds!!! you think my difference from you is an excuse to 'comment' on me, as if I were on display for you!!! Like I'm the way I am because I want the incessant gawking of strangers!!! not only that, but you used the word 'wacky'!!" 020818
anon if they were dollars we'd all be rich. 031118
walkerTexasbadass how is it I always find the weirdest sites in the f'n world does anyone else have a job? 050313
. have a job putting up with assholes from Texas 050313
mnominal i think the world is roasting and housing more assholes. People, for the most part, really piss me off. I'd like to give up on them, but I can't so I will say this, "Stop playinG God!"


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