bijou no,
you never did.
morrissey oh_ask_me_ask_me_ask_me 020113
a thimble in time So I asked myself one night:

Why do my screams sound like whispers?
Why do my nightmares feel so real?
Why does my heart feel so empty?
Why should my life equate to nill?

And thus came the answers:

Dare to climb a little higher
Dare to love a little more
Dare to die one day older
Dare to let your soul soar
lou_la_belle if i asked
how would you answer?
i'm afraid.
that's why i don't ask
and i never assume
assumptions get you hurt.
and i don't want to be hurt anymore,
especially by you
crazy that shit be the bomb shit up in palmdale be nasty but i got a id 060302
what's it to you?
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