nah....! he makes my thoughts soar. 011216
nah....! or maybe it's just *talking* to him that induces the soaring of my thoughts.
in any case, my thoughts are flying........
gliding, sweeping high above and beyond
but going nowhere
nah....! "you mean they've no destination?"

"that's right."

"how is that possible?"

"well, the sky is boundless, isn't it?"


"well where there is no bound, my dear, there is no final destination."

"but that doesn't mean they're 'going nowhere.'"

"hm. depends on your perspective."

"yeah, i guess you're right."

"uh huh. but anyway, as long as they stay up there, i don't really care if they go nowhere. know what i mean?"

cube in the boundless environment we inhabit, there will always remain many places unnamed. they could forever be soaring to nowhere.

the journey ends only when we tire
megan above the land and see, far away from me, make me miss you more than ever, then come back and leave me never, don't play with my heart- i'll play with your mind, i'm a little bit "special" that you'll truely find. 030124
Kev like an eagle. 031213
bi-nocs Steve? That you? 031213
what's it to you?
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