yoink hmm 010426
Aimee I feel safe when I'm near him.
I hate to be away from him.
He's going to break my heart.
I love him though..
but I hate him sometimes too
unhinged he's back with sin
sleeping in her bed
i just want him to be happy
and i think he saw the look on my face
what can i say?
you want her
your heart is hers
i just think that she's fickle
what she did once she will do again
she doesn't have the dedication you do
i don't want her to break your heart
i just want you to be happy
ass facely stevie_wonder_manifesto 010426
Fire&Roses How often do I hear your name? When I'm alone it echos quitely in the rooms of my mind. Then you are near and it burns searing the letters onto those delicate folds. How often do I hear your name? I counted once. A special game. Once for the man on the news. Twice for the character in my book. That kid at the mall was the third one. You would have laughed. By the end of the day I remembered your name with each of these things... I cannot watch the news without your name, I cannot read with out your voice in my ear, I cannot pass the boys in the mall without giving them your face... remember how you laughed 010723
ClairE You thought I was "real" because I cried over a book, but I scared you with my real fight with Lisa.

Dude, you don't even talk to me.
lady lunchbox killed my fishie last nite :(
that's the last time i let him babysit
ilovepatsajak she calls him stevecope because she says that steve copenhagen is too long. *gag* 020109
Kate I could sit down and write a list of adjectives describing you and then write a list of your character flaws yet I'd still miss you. I'd include:
"ignores people"
"doesn't smile enough"

I've only known you for a few months, since the day we stood by Tracee's locker and talked, and then I gave you the poem I wrote you the day before your birthday about how you looked like an angel during band. I'm glad that I began to penetrate your surface and glimpse at your soul, and got to kiss your neck and ear and stroke your hair on a long dark bus ride. I'm sorry for everything that I did or didn't do, especially that one night when you were so mad at me. I wish that I could make things right between us so that we could talk every now and then about what books we're reading and you could talk about Julianne or Gabby or anyone you wanted and I would gladly listen. I want to tell you that I finally watched "Dead Poets Society" and I want to give you the scarf I knit you. "I hope that one day we can talk about all of this- perferable when we're both blind drunk." wrote J.D. Salinger in a book that we are both reading, coincidentally. Have a nice life, Steven James.
CVCA Yearbook "Remember when Steve Shafer smiled?" 020902
silentbob out of nowhere my senior year told me he felt like we had gotten really close in the last few months

my freshman year i hated him

it meant something
sweet swift summer im still so hurt that i dont know how to retain everything good you taught me/gave me.
even hearing your name is like a stab in the chest.
i want to start living/loving again, but i dont know how
irthesteve it sucks having such a common name such as steve, like i do. i know about 13 other steves off the top of my head including myself. since its so common, people have to come up with nicknames such as "steve-o" or "stevie" yea it sucks. but at least im not named bob, thats too common. or maybe bill or robert, or mouhammad, or george i think ill stick with steve, it seems to work for me 030619
Ive been here too bad name! 031010
Lemon_Soda I don't know any Steves. I know a Stevie, but thats her nickname. Why I don't know. 031010
Mandijabster steve is a rad kid...i know many steve's. so yea, the name is very common..i wish i had a common name, or at least a cooler weird name. *sigh* stupid months!

*steve and db9 2gether 4ever*
falling_alone a stalker. he refuses to leave me alone i want him to get the hint that i'm not interested he should move on, get together with those 4 girls again that he's gotten with already.

and wearing a faded muscle tee of the faded british flag will not win me back. no matter what he thinks.

be quiet mandi. u're very confusing by writing this...for you force him away from me by hitting him repeatedly yet u mess with his head and say such things...

well i do find it very funny *grins*
Mandijabster steve thinks beckys a lesbian...after reading her loving entry.

yes..very amusing db9
falling_alone ah! u posted before i got to tell all...

but yes his ego is very inflated, for *obviously* if one girl does not like him something must be up with her...

i'd like to note that not many girls like steve...
Mandijabster id like to note not many PEOPLE like steve 031126
qaer a=s0fi 031127
Mandijabster ...just confessed he likes some guys. go hypocrit! 031211
Steve Z The Homie G AOL Screen Name: Crabnar

IM me sometime...I'm a hottie. I have a six pack, and one day hope to recover my man boobs. Only lesbians can resist this body...
LLRH Dont worry luv, I can too... 031216
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