me? King Kong
died for
your sins!
gaudior the ultimate cause and the final effect of fear

darkness at noon
WoNDERGIRL A plain paper message, I find in my locker.

"REPENT: to the lord now."

And I'm every bit confused.
MollyGoLightly we called them "sins" and threw them out of my car window. Poor "sins." Such sad little boofs. 000528
skiblu I feel like I have often, over the smallest thing.
Not the convetional sinners sin.
Not that I'm afraid of god or the christian judgement.
I'm afraid of myself.
DONUT sin is forgiven, only if found true in heart to be right. 000831
datura my friend and i drink daiquiris in hell. because that kind of sinning is more fun than virtuousness. 001202
gwyllynne ::warm smile::

Come sin with us.
the others ok 001202
unhinged i have a few indulgences in my pocket. i want to unload them as quick as possible. do i hear $20? 001226
ACiD BLOOD Why do them if there not good?
Is it something we need.
Teddybear The sins of the fathers are reflected ont the children.

Do you really think that is true?

Who says I have to be exactly like my predicesors?

If they choose to smoke and drink, who says I have to.

It's my life and my choice, and i should not get blamed for things they have done.
Chrity go to:
katie ave maria, gratia plena, dominus tecum; benedicta tu in mulieribus et benedictus fructus ventris tui, jesus. sancta maria, mater dei, ora pro nobis peccatoribus nunc et in hora mortis nostrae. amen. 010415
ninevoltJesus it comes down to this 010416
velvet spasm Years of odd drug use made him a vivid, if not always coherent, storyteller.
flame of sin cold has spawned on my skin

heat has ignited my flame of sin
The Truth Sin is a spiritual disease.
Sin can be contagious, infectious.

The word "Sin" comes from a medieval term used by archers meaning "missing the mark".

(before they were called transgressions.)

That word easily became transferable to theological concepts because when we break or "transgress" the moral laws, we miss the mark of self control and God's glory.

"For, every one of us falls short from the glory of God" None of us are without sin. We all "missed the mark" of perfection. We are born with this disease. It's genetic (the sins of our fathers are reflected on us...).

But you won't find it under any microscope. It will not cause any cellular deterioration. It will only wither and dry out your thirsty spirit.

Being upright, on the other hand, "Replenishes unlimited springs of Living Water within you".
abraham lincoln Sin sucks...but hey...what the hell can you do? 010801
seductress ...I sin 010813
Devil Doll sex is evil. sex is sin. I'm the devil so let's begin 010813
Norm I can't remember ever sining and no one else knows. what should I do? Can I ride your good deeds through the gates of heaven? 011003
kx21 Sin is in the eyes of the given Subject & its Object(s)... 011004
mourningstars i'm just as ugly 011005
Inanna Every sin has a demon
That lives off your sin
Like a parasite
If we are all sinners
We all have demons to confront
TalviFatin What exactly is sin. Something deeply rooted into our souls and labeled original sin? Or is it something the Christian missionaries invented to scare the pagans into believing they were in the wrong. I, personally, think that sin is what you make of it. Sin is going against your beliefs, whatever they are. Not everyone else's... 011005
birdmad you give me the reason,
you give me the nerve,
carry out my sentence,
i get what i deserve.

...and if i can't have everything
well, then
just give me a taste
Inanna Sin is a great Nine Inch Nails CD and song! Trent writes excellent lyrics.
I see birdmad is NIN fan.
reitoei punish me for sin
is that a sin?
no for you are the inquistion
i the hapless prisoner
show me your pure heart
and i will cut my dirty one out
Take them to Osiris, how far will the feather rise?
kx21 A Chicken_Flavor of Tiger? 011020
elimeny Would you trade one mortal sin for another? I think I might jsut be crazy enought to do it... 020209
kx21 Tell me how to measure the Size of Sin scientifically....

Mahayana my adoreable sinshine 020320
Clyde who defines sin? webster's i suppose. 020328
dondeestanlosjaguares and I quote:

"just that magic is like somthing that happens when you die or glimpse heaven"
-from a very special friend of mine

now that is something that stirred something in me. . . something that i feel when i am with her. . . and at times i can't distinuish if i have died or if i am simply taking a sneak-peek at what heaven is like.
dondeestanlosjaguares uhh. . . my mistake.

i posted on the wrong word. . . meant it for "magic"
how i put it under "sin" i don't know but . . . .my mistake!
~gez~ the crime is sinning . the culprit is thou . the time is now and we are going to die 020808
jane i'm going to hell

oh wait!

Jeca The race is long
And what is wrong
In the end lies with yourself;
No demon hath
The aftermath
Of your own self-wronged guilt.
distorted tendencies 7 deadly sins.

My favorite one is Lust.
Pride comes next on my list..
But Gluttony and Sloth are sheer disgust to me.
call_me_lydea is not believing the human spirit and not valuing diversity. There is not one right way to live! Fuck all those who say so. Life was not ment to be inhibited, and I am talking about ALL life... 021013
di luce know this:
the sins of others
are merely the manifestations
of your own guilt.
forensicW0lf I am the sin that corrupts your soul
Yet i am the desire that will make you whole(copywritghted)
kimberley "my sin tastes like candy"
-perfect nothing
pheather i want to tease and tempt that blatherskite. to give him pleasure would be a sin. 040402
kx21 What is Sin?

Time & Causality of TEA123...
kx21 What is Sin?

Time & Causality of TEA_123...
andru235 two wrongs don't make a right, but sometimes if you sin, the best thing to do is cos

it'll give you a tan
nom social insurance number 051113
andru235 sin, sine!
i'll be fine!
saved by other
beings divine!

flim, flam.
sin's a sham.
cos' everyone's welcome
in the celestial fam!

at the core
all things are tribal
not all persons
need the bible.

sin, tan,
ignore the koran
and don't bother brood
about the talmud.

up above,
there is but love;
so do not fear
the zealots here.
x twisted x "Excuse me for saying what I know down deep is my sin, but maybe I'll fool everybody into thinking I know just what I am doing."
-Idina Menzel
Xindaris Sin is anything that is done in absence of God's will. It's a fact of life in the present world, which will eventually be thrown into the lake of fire (the second death), along with those who refuse to repent.
Don't take this to mean that I don't sin, because I would be lying to say that (and that is also sin). At least I try not to, and find joy in the effort.
You can tell me all day about the poor guy who stole bread to save his child, but that doesn't make stealing any better. You can tell me that the mother would have died in childbirth, but that doesn't change the fact that abortion is murder.
Syrope i dreamt that he admitted it. in the dream, time stopped for a few seconds there... and then i lost it. i don't know what happened next. 070825
fucked up i have decided, pictures are twice as good as words, they are quicker to read and they hold more emotion.

(no insults on getting the spelling wrong also)

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; - how ever many winks it takes....

my first sailing instructor winked, yeah, i took it seriously !
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