roxy if im shaking you can hold me down
shake me til you almost break my brittle body in half
and i will say

because if you get to do today what you've been planning all along
then i get to be coked up for it
anastacia I've never done heroin
but i imagine it as a
a black flying carpet
that ebbs
and oozes
as you ride it
through you own veins
lotusflower books and cds. those are my drugs. i want some more. 000320
Christy Affection is like a drug. The more I receive, the more I need. I'm addicted to his words, his touch, the way my name slides musically through his lips. I crave his presense, if only for a moment. He's a more powerful drug than anything you can produce in nature or a lab. 000321
amorfus i try to limit myself to clean drugs, like rice, fruit, nuts and beans, mushrooms, lsd. 000509
moonshine Mangos 000510
josie what is that drug that Homer licks off the back of that toad? someone mail me and let me know! 000628
gwyllynne the semi-erotic tingle coursing through my veins 000706
guitar_freak the drug of my choice
was so fun at first
now I just try to
remember the friends I've lost
as I patch up my life
the conveyor shahla was a drug. michelle was a drug. amy was a drug. diana was a drug. andrea was a drug. sarah was a drug. cara was a drug. lara was a drug. tammy was a drug. dana was a drug. christy was a drug.

I really like drugs.
deb i am a drug...
and so is he...
what's terrible is
now that we have this
900-ish miles between us
we're going through withdrawl

and it's only been a week

i miss you~
Tim!!! whats the deal with the frying pan with the oil in it????? ever seen a drug that looked like that??? where can i get some??? 010411
demitria monde thraam this is your brain. this is your brain on drugs. any questions?

yeah. i gotta question.

when's breakfast?
papabear The best thing about drugs is that you can create a doughnut out of a technicality or discover an electrical couch and think to yourself, "man, most other people would never understand." 011114
girl oh the wonderful discoveries made on drugs!
just think of the music and movies and books we would be missing out on if people never used drugs..
think of all the revelations we would miss out on if we werent on drugs ourselves
birdmad bill_hicks 011214
ClairE Sounds like Doug. 011214
girl yay bill hicks! (but, although inspired by his words, the words i wrote here are my own) 011218
ClairE I_love_juice. 011219
marcellus i dont like beer. 020306
Ivonna H. I loooooooove d'beer! 020307
*silent screams Your the new drug addiction I have found...u comfort my fears and distort my realities 021206
margadant11 drugs... they make me a better person, I can do things I wouldn't normally do when I am under the influence... they give me self esteem courage intelligence and strength... but after it wears I find myself reviewing my stupidly and the pains I case friend and family, the pain I caused myself... it must end before it’s to late... 030112
jane you told me you wanted to be someone's drug.
that you wanted to be my drug.
you wanted me to be addicted to you
i don't know how possible that is, but we can always try. can a drug be addicted to another drug? a chemical be reliant on another chemical? i suppose. look at water. h2o

displacement: when you quit one drug, you start another. i'm trying to quit smoking, and i'm starting to drink coffee again. i'm losing sleep, i'm losing weight, i'm not happy. i'm reverting back to eighth grade, the year of hell, the era of my depression. [see: frappuccino]

i wish you were my drug. i wish i could do you
stork daddy everyone's doing drugs...but it's always somewhere else. and if tragedy used the same standbys as comedy...well i'd be the straight man...the strong one...the prop. great great great...fun for everyone. 030114
trixie got a bad rap 030722
smileygirl okay, so i was watching music video's on my computer... and they have these annoying commercials. and this is the one that i want to tell you all about...

"I would never try pot"

"I might try pot, but i'd never try extacy"

"I might try extacy, but I'd never try coke"

"I might try coke, but i'd never try herione"

"I might try herione, but i'd never..."

"But i'd never..."

"but i'd never..."

"Are you still in control?"
/////PreStWIch ALL FOR THE SEROTONIN...............................................................................C10..h12..n2..o 040419
PresTwi*-***CH.. they're not right, they're not wrong THEY'RE JUST CHEMICALS, giving us the abillity to perfect our bloodstreams and tweak our emotions until we see fit. Everyones aloud to feel happy except when they're taking drugs???????????????????????? 040419
tchiseen cafienne is a drug, love is a drug, drugs are bad....

redman loves the pot lol
love & hate Her name is Katie,
she is my drug of choice.
I can feel her streaming through my veins, i can feel her pulsating in my heart.
I can feel her distort my reality as i slowly fall into a deep depression without her.
I am addicted, addicted to her taste, her smell, her feel, her voice, her kiss, her touch, everything.
I am deprived of it, i cant have my drug of choice anymore, she has gone.
Now my wounds are reopening, my blood once again can be seen all over the room. My soul pours out, my love pours out, my life pours out, my heart pours out. It is all gone, my high is over. Now it is time to give up, now it is time to let go, now is the time to die.
drugs are bad. They change who you are to allow you to feel a certain way. It isn't you anymore and what you are feeling isn't real. drugs are lies. 040910
hsg a little bit of drugs hardly hurts anyone. hardly anyone who does drugs will ever only do a little bit of drugs. the nature of doing drugs is based on pushing the limits of what we dare to experience in our reality. this is the basis for doing more and more drugs.

drugs are lies, that which sobers you from tripping on lies is medicine.

it's all good, that which brings you closer to
keito hah. you're my drug. that dose of adrenaline when we kiss, your arm clutching mine in some kind of pseudo passionate embrace. that smell of sex, dope, and things that no one should care about if they don't want to swim with the fishies. 050906
uggr MDMA
broken....barefoot revolutionary one more day...day. just a day, if i can do that i can do anything. i just to feel it burn. i want my nose to bleed. i want to taste it dripping into my throat. its the only thing i understand. its the only thing that ever made me content. why cant i have it? why cant they all understand that i need it? im not addicted...i just want to be numb. numb is content. why am i allowed to be thrown in and out of heartbreak, and no one says...stop thats not good for you. but all i want to do is one fucking line and i get persecuted for it? one line and ill be able to stop crying. its not addiction, its just my way of life. 060321
u24 smileygirl, I'd just like to say that what that advert is suggesting is a bunch of fucking shit.

here's another version:

I'd never drink cola
I'd drink cola but never coffee
I'd drink coffee but never jolt-cola
etc etc

see how lame the argument is when it's not about drugs?

Intelligent stable people can make intelligent informed choices about taking drugs and *shock* they can be right! Saying that weed leads to more harmful drugs is like saying buying a kid a pushbike will make him turn into a hell's angel or street motorbike racer. The argument just doesn't work.

not having a go at you, just the makers of those kinds of adverts.
stoned yes i am i have a love-hate realtionship w/ my weed. 060321
u24 i like to smoke it but it brings out psoriasis on my face/neck. nasty.
and it lasts for months and months.

sighes. could really do with a spliff right now though; blow some my way, eh?

viator wandering from high to high
travelling from low to low
low to high, high to low,
the drug of life is all we know

be it true love or false bliss.
one more hit, or one last kiss.
one more day lost to this.

its all in your mind.
flasch I am God, and I am dead.

So is Nietzsche.
. On drugs you'll want hugs. 070725
ano No, that day I had a bad migraine, that is why you didn't understand me, I tried to tell you but most people think I am playing "poor me".

It was too much pressure, after the information, going home and coming back and then to be in a frantic rush. How I explain to you that this is a migraine with out you thinking I am lame and dappy. I know you only want to help, but it got too much and i just wanted to finish this work on my own. Plus advise is good, but one can only fully decide alone, the shock was much to much to make any decisions.

People kept asking what i was going to do, i won't decide, i will just let things flow, one thing comes to another, one minute at a time, i can't decide not to love someone.

The final final thing I can say is that maybe, maybe, it was all due to a conversation we had on a roof top in Bombay, about possession, that conversation made him confused, afraid, and therefore careless.
kurai that one song by the velvet underground, and everyone is singing along 070919
Dornen velcver acrid chrisdt 070920
Dornen velvet acid fucking christ - fun with fucking drugs!!!!!!!! 070920
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