Q To Do

now that your back is washed nicely,
and having dried you softly,
i must rub you all over gently
with sweet oils
before midnight
and the heaven that will
start then

Copr. 1999
meggie dixie334: hi, you can go threw my bookbag if you wish
DINGPuella13: you forgot it didn't you
DINGPuella13: ha. thats funny
dixie334: yes
dixie334: so now you can find all my school work
dixie334: you live far away too
DINGPuella13: yeah, i can probably throw it to you or something
DINGPuella13: do you have a lot of stuff that you need?
dixie334: that i need for school or weekend
DINGPuella13: uh, just for school i guess? or weekend. or both
dixie334: well i kinda need my binder but only for LA... everything else i just keep in my books
DINGPuella13: okie doke. if its really necessary i can bring it over or something
dixie334: i don't think it is
DINGPuella13: ok
DINGPuella13: my dog is still psycho and i'm very scared
dixie334: are you
dixie334: thats too bad
dixie334: i'm really hungry and i forgot my stuff...
DINGPuella13: thats very funny
dixie334: right
dixie334: you can go threw it if you want
dixie334: but i'd advoid the front pocket
DINGPuella13: sorry . i dont think i will, i'd feel all weird and.. stalking like
dixie334: oh...thats too bad
dixie334: i'd like people to stalk me
DINGPuella13: should i go through it?
dixie334: only if you want to
dixie334: but if you were absest with me it would kinda be neat...
DINGPuella13: :)
dixie334: but i had a blast at your house
DINGPuella13: did you?
dixie334: yes it was fun
DINGPuella13: i was afraid you were dead and not having fun at all but i guess its good that you had fun . dog is asleep
dixie334: i was having fun...i think i was being crazy though but it was fun to just a bit scare...
DINGPuella13: you seemed like you were a bit on the .. crazy side .. and that frightened me a bit
dixie334: i don't know what was up but my eyes were having fun today...i scared me alot but i kinda felt drunk
DINGPuella13: thats fun
dixie334: it was fun...i was afraid i would scare you tomuch though and you'd be afraid of me...but i still don't see how a chair has to do with brad
DINGPuella13: :) sounds like i scared you more than you scared me. a chair has nothign to do with brad brad sucks chairs suck? thats the only connection i can think of
dixie334: ok, how did you scare me? i wasn't scared of you
dixie334: perhaps the whole hammar thing
DINGPuella13: oh i dont know nevermind yeah hammers are funny
dixie334: so could you tell me why you had to call tory in the middle of the day?
DINGPuella13: i needed to tell her dori wouldn't go out with her
dixie334: right
dixie334: what if i asked you what you were wispering after school?
DINGPuella13: i was saying like whisperwhisperwhisper
DINGPuella13: thats what i say to heke a lot
dixie334: i like food food tastes good
dixie334: oh, thats not fun
DINGPuella13: she never has anything to say so she says whisper whisper and then so i just say whisper whisper
dixie334: i've talked to people alot more latly...i hope lerin looks bad in my shirt
DINGPuella13: talking to people is good, i think that lately i've been talking less, which bothers me, yeah, thats funny
dixie334: lerin also said you were cute...:)
dixie334: your talking amount is good for me
DINGPuella13: very nice. i think its good that i have been .. accepted .. i guess? talking is ok i mean, people are used to me talking a lot, i like not talking as much though, i dont strain my voice. heh
dixie334: it kinda scares me that i talk more then you at times...
DINGPuella13: yeah, i can see how that could be disturbing
dixie334: yes you've been accepted as far as they are but it''s mostly when they get to know you
DINGPuella13: yeah
dixie334: my stuff's at your house
DINGPuella13: :) yeah
dixie334: you can go threw it and read all my notes and then i'll hate you for invading my privicy
DINGPuella13: darn
DINGPuella13: . . . .
dixie334: but i haven't a note this year
dixie334: or last year
dixie334: or really the year before that
DINGPuella13: ever?
dixie334: never
dixie334: the peom you gave me was the closes thing
dixie334: but you took that back..:-(
DINGPuella13: hehe . . . i also killed dori . . . i guess i'm evil or something . . . brb
dixie334: ok
DINGPuella13: i just needed to type it up you can have it back if you wnat
dixie334: no
DINGPuella13: okie dokie . . .
dixie334: my eyes hurt
dixie334: dori is scared of your house now
DINGPuella13: .. i feel so bad
dixie334: she says she's never going back in there with that dog
DINGPuella13: is she badly damaged or anything?
dixie334: no
DINGPuella13: okj
dixie334: she wass just hit in the eye
DINGPuella13: yes my fingers are cold and numb so i press funny buttons
DINGPuella13: aah. brr
dixie334: why are you soo cold
DINGPuella13: the door is open because my mom is calling the dog and he's not coming in
dixie334: oh
DINGPuella13: he's probably upset
DINGPuella13: i have a penny to give you because i was only 99 cents and you gave me a dollar
dixie334: yeah....i own you now
dixie334: Hahahaha
DINGPuella13: yeah i guess you do? i'm fully refundable just in case though
dixie334: don't worry you get to keep the money unless you end up hating me...
DINGPuella13: yeahhhhh but even if i did i dont think i'd take the liberty to return your dollar bill because i would hate you
dixie334: yeah...but hopfuly that won't happen
DINGPuella13: hopefully not
dixie334: i think theres something wrong with my lip it's hurtin alot
DINGPuella13: thats not good at all
dixie334: if you get board you can read tintin, it's in my bookbag
DINGPuella13: ok cool
dixie334: wow, it's gettin late
DINGPuella13: i'm doing this research thing, it was kind of due 3 days ago, but i have an extra few days because i was tied up in a chair i think so i'm going to be on for a while. :P
dixie334: crazy you and your procrastantion
DINGPuella13: yeah well i get the job done
DINGPuella13: i normally do well if not my best when i'm under pressure
dixie334: yeah, i'm good at pressure, sometime i do bad undeer presurrure if someone i don't like is depending on me i mess them up
dixie334: i do bad at projects
dixie334: i got a 94% on my SS test
DINGPuella13: thats good. i do bad on tests, i normally can do ok at projects, i always panic when i get a test in front of me
dixie334: i love tests that i don't know but tests that are easy i get really board doing
DINGPuella13: tests that i dont know anything about i normally do well on, i get confused wheni know what i'm talking about, and that scares me, but i handed in extra credit so hopefully it will bring up my grade. i'm not doing too badly i have a 85 i think . . .
dixie334: not badly at all
DINGPuella13: i got a good review on my letter thing, i haven't handed it in yet but ms. benner liked it a lot
dixie334: but its all about melting guns into swords
DINGPuella13: i didnt mention that but thats a plan that should be considered.......
dixie334: it really should
dixie334: it would make me alot more comfortable walking about the streets
DINGPuella13: yeah you notice swords much more than you do guns when they are concealed
DINGPuella13: what was the last thing you said?
dixie334: yeah but you could do the whole knife thing too
DINGPuella13: ok. yep knives. cereal is stale and disgusting and dogs are sleeping, research is a pain and sprite makes me puke
dixie334: mmmm..i could go for a good drink
dixie334: you sound like you have it ruff...
DINGPuella13: yeah well i live. its people like you that keep us truckin, truckin smog free
dixie334: yeah but i own you HahahHa ha
DINGPuella13: . . . yeah . . .
DINGPuella13: you can't tell me what to do? ha. used your own material against you
dixie334: don't worry i'll use you wisly...
dixie334: i know i can't tell you what to do but i still own you as much as legal
DINGPuella13: i guess i should trust you. i'm ok with the owning part, just dont abuse the priviledge?
dixie334: i doubt i'll ever abuse it
DINGPuella13: yeah . rrrrr i have to go, mom thinks i've been over stimulated byee
dixie334: bye
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