shirt i used to have a dog. i kept saying to it you'r shirting your responsibilities, you're shirting your reposinsibilities!. i realized after a while that it was dumb because a: he had no responsibilities b: the correct word in that context is shirk c: dogs can't talk d: i didn't have a dog, turns out i was talking to my foot. 980819
eric emblazoned with love. ...yellow... containing and radiating ...yellow... 980903
troy A sexy smooth-boy's chest revealed when he takes it-off.. 991212
andrea Ever felt like walking into a room
full of people you don't know and
taking off your shirt
running around in a circle a few times
and them leaving
without saying a word?


copyright 1999
Barrett I have.
On numerous occasions.
Try it, it's fun.
lurk murder i take mine off in public and no one seems to care; being a man sucks! 020902
Paul Kelly I've lost my shirt
I've pawned my rings
I've done all the dumb things...
god i tore the shirt, the curtains 030530
ishot50cent hey party at my house 030914
just me orange wore a red today
he sat nearby but far away
i haven't got much more to tell
but when he talks i listen well
i sat beside a blue today
and blue had so much more to say
and there i was all decked in yellow
far away from that red fellow
sitting on a seat of green
where he almost could have been
silentbob My favorite thing to do is to take off my shirt and smell it after i sleep at someone's house. because my shirt smells like their house. 060524
falling_alone i have the second chance to draw another tshirt design, and here comes the email that says to draw some variations...after drawing something i've already fallen in love with.
my design teacher tells me i shouldn't do this.
but i do anyway. anyway, anyway...
anyway, i have the greatest desire to come up with some crap ideas, hoping they pick the one i love.
it will backfire. everything does.
that just means i have to draw two designs i love, right? easier said than done.
i'll just make sure to let them know which drawing i'm partial too...
or i could choose not to draw anymore at all.
hsg super-thin shirts, plastic hair-like fibers, saves money on laundry. & time. & space in storage. & fuel in transportation. 061227
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