me? angels fall fall fall.

my souls been crushed and crumbled to little pieces so many times
that i stopped feeling the pain and started watching the act. the players dancing singing then scolding chiding hehehe. your just trying to grow and learn too aren't you.
little little little bitty bitty.
so the phoenix rises from the ashes, looks around and sees that it's the same bird it was before. but really it's just the shadow of a bird. the bird can think but it can't feel. no longer wants desires just kinda lives.
but it burns again and then things change.
gregg fallen, all of us.

some of us remember, and wish to go back.
others have gone quite mad and fight the idea of the future.
one day
all of us
will rise above
our love
Harry Why have I fallen?
What ever had I done
to you?
twiggie so many times i feel like i've fallen away from everyone and everything. and no one could possibly understand where i'm at. i feel like that now, that on my left hand i could count how many people have noticed, and how many people care. 001211
stupidpunkgirl i fell off the edge
i broke every bone

you pushed me
with your lies

the painkillers distract
but will never heal

you left me after hurting me
silentbob http://www.angelfire.com/ia/silentbob/fallen.html 001219
. i... KNOW
i don't want to say, because..
i didn't know if you wanted me to know.
a lot of people do know..
they just don't know if they're supposed to know.
.. urrrr. o.k. 010521
Casey There is a movie called Fallen with John Goodman and Densel Washington in it. It is a very good movie 010610
nocturnal I LOVE that movie! denzel's really good in it and john's one of my favourite actors. new_orleans native. I chilled with him once at jazz fest. that was awesome. 010610
nemo u can ring my bell, ring my bell 010626
calypso calling My hope has fallen...once again. Just when I begin to see the flicker of light once more, darkness swallows me like a dark, cruel sea. And I've yet to find a way out of this hell. Why is it that what you want never is what you get? Why is it that you'll never be who really want to be? Why is it that the world flies by in a sad symphony of cruelty? 020111
freakizh the good thing about falling, is that, when you reach a limit -when your face is crushed *like a bug in the ground* and your teeth broken-, things seem unable to get worst, no more sudden vertigo and faint sensation, and finally calm.

in a nutshell, if you fall and crash, you won't fall again anytime soon, unless you stand up. so, let's be depressive, hopeless and agnostic, to avoid any type of bleeding.
Freak Every cut that heals reveals a scar that you can never hope to hide
All the pain that you restrain keeps building up deep inside
If you think you're above it then it's you my friend that I implore
You've got to walk before you run
See the night before dawn
Before you pull yourself off the floor
Staind_And_Souless My nickname. Stupid really, I'm no fallen angel. I am as mortal as they come. I know, I commited mortal sins. Still, it sounded nice when you whispered it in my ear as we made love. 041028
BitterSweetDream Yes. But why have I? 041029
Risen Welcome back, old friend. I've come to speak with you again.

There's a thing that's softly creeping, in the night while I am sleeping...

And we are off on a hunt.

Let us see if we can bag ourselves a prize. It's that or a memorial bench and a nice burial plot.

Survive or die. Make your choice.
what's it to you?
who go