silentbob i stood looking over at the end of the world. there was nothing below and i thought...would it matter if i jumped? how would the world be changed? how would my absence affect it? would it at all?
Then i decided to quit being so melodramatic, turn around, and walk back to my hovercraft.
birdmad when shrp,
cuts cleanly

clean cuts close with nearly no scar

the memory of examining the flesh beneath, little peeks where i had even managed to break the connective fascia that binds the skin over the tissue beneath

now if only i could bleed
lizardqueen i stood upon the waters edge
to wait for him on hand and knee
and watched my only god drift by
on sailing ships id come to see
eklektic today i was on the edge of tears when i discovered unexpectedly that i was truly appreciated by a friend. thanks, kate. 020510
Kate The Edge. A member of U2.

My mother's warning as she nervously drove with me. "Don't drive me off the edge with this curve" as we drove overlooking the park.

What makes me run well. Coach said last night, "When you're naturally happy and excited and fully alive, you get that edge and then you give it all you have."

Ledges. A park by school where the cross country team runs and where the Norway club has picnics and where emo boys go to eat lunch and where a lonely boy once sat and read and pretended he was with a girl.
Kate No, thank you, Tracee. 020511
devalis Don't push me cuz I'm close to the edge
I'm tryin' not to lose my head
devalis hold me now
I'm six feet from the edge
and I'm thinkin'
maybe six feet ain't so far down
eclecticsynesthesia along the edge of my desk
my left eye rests

i watch me sliding forward
slumping i see me thump
and then i feel it

she said 'i am sad for
he said no and he means yes'

i knew just then but didn't say
'he said no for me to see you'

i drank more water
i could hardly smile and be sympathetic
i could hardly stand

no one here can hold me up now
unknown be bold and impetuious,
all that i know you can be.
give fewer gentle carasses,
and take more of what you want.
trust me,
i'll give it to you.
sometimes i just want that edge.
Libran Man On the edge between wakefulness and sleep, there I wander. My thoughts expand, my desires merge with lust and care. I build my dreams and wake the soul. That IS the edge! 041117
changing i'm on the edge of something
things are changing
i sense a shift in my mind, my spirit
my soul if morphing
i am sober

i lay awake bustling with energy, and urge to run through the forest and live. i wait for 3am, for the night to begin and for the world to fall asleep. i can't sit still, i can't satisfy te urge to something, but i do not know what that something is. i will run, i will surf, i will paint graffiti, all in an attempt to satisfy this never ending urge to do god knows what, i have never felt like this before.

andrenline is waiting to burst forth, i need to release it into my blood. my mind rages, i will not sleep. i will not be tired. if i only i could fly, die, that's it! i am too safe, too confortable with my surrounding. i need to be uncomfortable, andi need to be brought closer to death. i will do anything. no, it's more complex than that.

i have never had this adventurous urge within me before. what am i becoming? what was i before? why is no one else awake? have i woken up and seen life as it really is? i think my effort has paid off. i think all this experiencing life and experiencing things no one has experiences has changed me permanently. i will go now, and find life, for it is waiting. i do not know where, or how i will discover it. i think it has something to do with letting go.
sinnysinnysinsinsinsinnysinsin dont push 070717
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