me? whither than hither than 991114
silent bob I am not blathier than thou. 000604
u2zoo pissy farm cows make me mad 000823
Thyartshallshant Hotter ____ hell, yet cooler ____ than sliced bread. 010106
phil I am better.
I am better than you.
Rather than talk, she walked.
Rather she walked.
She walked rather than talked
She walked rather funny

niska I'm not better than you. just stronger. 030301
girl_jane I think people forget about this word, commonly replacing it with then. Everybody should have to pass a grammar class to graduate from high school. 030528
niska call me crazy, but i seem to remember grammar being integral to a passing grade in elementary school... 030529
person durante is cuter than you! ^_^ 040723
sugar can you climb
he climbed
cuz broads do it better
christian than is otherwise not there 060917
what's it to you?
who go