donaldson is one of the most underrated words in the whole wide world (sometimes it's spelled cause, which is useful, but it can also be with a little ' which isn't as so)

it doesn't really mean anything in and of itself, except that maybe you're in too much of a hurry or too casual to allow the "be"
adam i like cuz cuz it's always used cuz you dont want to type BEcuz cuz BEcuz is irritating to type cuz cuz is fun cuz cuz is small cuz cuz consists of only three letters cuz you only need C, U, and Z to spell cuz cuz that's the way it is. 990731
Zoe you guys are crazy cuz you use the word cuz all the time. 000718
marjorie CUZ!
Says Romeo
Hahaha. Then he dies.
I love it.
And all the Freshman swoon.
god go against nature, it's a part of nature too. 011015
Glory Box Very rarely use this spikey word.

I am a stickler for correctness.
anthony c the writer hi folks, i'm happy that you have a site devoted to 'cuz' because i use the word as a noun in my book and when i needed to research 'cuz' i found your site. good job. 030627
god cuz we care 'bout you, cuz. 031015
fghfhg haj 040119
dandy that's a synonmym for 42 isn't it? Whatever question I asked as a child the ultimate answer was always "cuz, that's why". (blush) guess I asked a lot of questions. 041101
what's it to you?
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