Shar old. worn.
taken advantage of.
nasty, to be thrown away like a post-sexual condom.
birdmad you were so afraid that people might think you were just using me for whatever (not that i had much to offer, but what i did have i gave freely, especially to you)

i guess, in the end your fear was justified, not because of what people thought, but for the fact that you really were just using me.
marjorie don't get too used to it
they'll take it away
the minute they suspect
that it is helping in any way...
in a world where we do things JUST to be busy
efficiency ends up inefficient.
tit funny how things are differnent and yet the same as they used to be.
you used to make me shiver with excitement and passion-now you still make me shiver, with fear.
you used to make my cry out in joy- now you just make me cry.
you used to make me hot- now you make me hot w/ fury
you used to be my ghetto love-now you've turned my love in to an empty desolate ghetto
i used to love you-i still could
rlzp I feel used... hurt and angry. 010331
ilovepatsajak when the pawn hits the conflicts he thinks like a king
what he knows throws the blows when he goes to the fight
and he'll win the whole thing 'fore he enters the ring
there's no body to batter when your mind is your might
so when you go solo you hold your own hand
and remember that depth is the greatest of heights
and if you know where you stand then you'll know where to land
and if you fall it won't matter 'cuz you'll know that you're right
zenfishsticks get your own damn car.

or learn to walk.
ma used, bruised, and severely abused 020313
bespeckled You're using me.

It breaks my heart,
to admit it to myself.

But you are.
You're using me for love,
for sex,
for experience.

You're using me for my personality,
for my adoration,
for my candor
and open heart.

Can I blame you?
You are what you are.

But I am what I am.
And You's like you can't mix with Me's like me.

Because I'll fall,
and you'll keep walking.

Your feet hit the pavement hard.

A heart that falls is a curse.
fairbecca I used to be unstable haunted and lonely.. that was a curse..i used to drink 24/7..never a waking moment to miniscule for me to not fill it up with the soothing warmness of my lover/whisky..I miss curse..i used him...he used me 031122
notme i used to sing
we used to dance
time decays
drips away
so fast
i used to run
we used to race
across the moon
the rain it ran
falling it fell
up from the sky
i used to stop
to watch it pass
i used to laugh
remember someday
chloeNtheSUN cigarette buds in pile on road, children's board game with pieces missing, stale birthday cake, sirens of car the fade away,
fast food wrapper discarded from moving car, footprints in freshly lain snow, dying roses in vase.
love & hate I feel as though this fucked up world has used me. Drained everything out of me that it could but still leaving me stuck here until the ages of time decay this carcus which i am left with. Everything has been taken from me, nothing is left. Why should i give the world so much when it has already taken everything i have to give. What do i have to give now? I've been used, it has abused me and thrown me away like an old piece of cloth, unwanted, unneeded, nothing left to do with it but throw it away. I've been used by this crazy fucked up world which has destroyed me. 040621
empty you tricked me
i thought i could trust you
i gave my heart to you
you chewed it up and spit it back out
like gum spit out on a sidewalk
stepped all over
torn apart
empty my mind and body was in your possession and taken advantage of so im left here alone and in the dark

hypnotized by your love but it was all an illusion
all a lie...
to cause me confusion...
i am used
empty you wanted nothing more to do with me
i am not more than a joke to you
my thong is your trophy
. . 040929
suicidalchinadoll I am in the unfortunate habit, of pushing away those who have the capacity to care..
and turning around, and searching out someone who almost without fail, will use what I have to give..and walk away calm as a hindu cow.

maybe I'm looking for the assurance that I am exactly what I think I am..

love & hate She used me from the very beginning. She told me she loved me but that was all a lie. She told me she cared for me, but more lies were to come out of her mouth. The mouth that i kissed, that dirty, disease ridden mouth. She doesn't speak to me now, not a word is said from her. No replies, no nothing. She told me she never loved me, so therefore she used me for some screwed up purpose that only her head could think of. Yes it hurt. Yes, the pain is still so extreme and the wounds are still more than red raw, but she will get what she deserves. It will come back to her at some point during her existance and haunt her for the rest of her days. Destroying a person is not something to be proud of, not something to aspire to, but what comes around, goes around and she will see the other side of the stick. I will try to move on, try to forget, thank god for my bad memory. So she will just become a figmant of my imagination, a shadowed figure in the past. While that shadow looms over her for the rest of her days. I dont want her to get hurt, i dont want her to experience what she did to me, but she deserves something at least because i believed in her and believed in what she told me until i realised it was all a lie. She will get what she deserves, we will just wait patiently until that day. 041127
sorry you felt that way
watch the bad feelings
go away
42 usc 1983 I'm telling you, you sound like a poorly written serial killer. 041129
fix 041129
. . 041201
dr. nobody in particular Steps of grieving a loss:

emmi i always end up being used. i guess i'm just easily useable. disposable.
it makes me angry, but now i realise that the person i'm most angry with is myself. for thinking i could trust these people. for being so foolish as to think these people cared about me. the truth is, people are clever and they will use you when they have the chance. i gave them too much credit, but no more, no more.
one of many I used to think you were smart Marcela Ruas. Now I just think you're a moron. Tatoos of your names? That's pretty stupid. 061024
hsg sometimes flows better. edges can be smoothed from many cycles of already_been_proven_to_workness. 071216
unhinged somehow
the trauma of being physically used
is easier to bear
than caring for the 'friends'
that only call when they want something

i am just beginning to find my way
through the labyrinth of walls
caring about the wrong people
has made in me
telling you what's really in my heart
doesn't seem possible
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