Rasputine{Vermelha} When here bellow everything
How hollow my existence becomes
Glancing through the window
I feel those mountains beckoning me
Alluring me to an isolated escape
Some den where I can shelter myself in
And flee from oppression
That smothers and depresses
And how easy it was before
How soothing everything used to be
There was always something missing
Yet that was still the only comfort left
Amongst those woods in the tallest peaks
There was some form of gleaming hope
A new beginning lied
Facing a tall pine tree
Catatonic by beauty and truth
I would only see glimpses of it
As it would burst out of trance
And rise high into the twilight sky
Waving with crimson rays of light
And assuring me that I would be fine
One day it found other rightful paths
And abandoned this disarray
To find some worthier aim
Since then the palette of warm colours died
And gave place to the dramatic state of nature
And I wonder if remaining here
Is better than to stop clinging to it
And run to where I can float amongst the stars
And pretend that I am still alive.
typhoid overcome your fears
become them
what's it to you?
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