me? in these long past twilight hours
i sit alone and talk to flowers
about the beauty of it all
and the silence in the hall
because everyone is asleep
so that tomorrow they may reap
the pleasures that a good night's rest
will sow into their final tests
me ive just got to write an essay
though right now it looks quite messy
due tomorrow by four o'clock
in the building by the rock
with the old metal plaque
dedicated to some dead guy for his lack
of creativity in donation of
his money, not his love
and now i think that i will stop
this silly poem which will flop
if i continue to loose track
i have this square hole in my back
from where i smashed it against
a fire alarm not ten minutes hence.
and now im really done
so goodnight to everyone
(except one last stop for mandatory silliness)
Mika I look up to the horizon
and there he stands in the twilight
looking down at me with that sweet expression of hello
He smiles at me
the shadows from the setting sun
make the hollows in his cheeks stand out
so graphite pencil perfect
He takes me in his arms
and says hello

twilight fades to darkness
and I'm staring into the horizon
only this time there's no friendly hello
no warm embrace
only the echo of his love
as he calls from a distance
and i whisper to myself
angie my favorite time of the day
is when it is almost over
loved? the last twilight i will see today 020802
perpetual puppet When dreamers dream what dreams may come 020831
Shinnokxz they say the twilight lasts longer in other places. 061207
nom ..."of the gods" 061207
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