852456 a perfectly fine shape...

......... I think anyway.
phil 2-d geek 020128
Kate The Beginning, End, and Infinity of a Square. 08.06.02

every day takes us farther away from last year
and all the drama,
and glory,
and pain,
and sadness,
and joy that occured
each of us has grieved over what could not be
and what was
and now beginning to heal inside
tonight we, minus one, will be together again
band practices. remember how this all began?
this is a new year, a new chance.
the possibilities swirl around each of us as we choose our outfits,
our parts,
and our attitudes.
we all became a little bit better and a little bit worse
and learned more while forgetting some things
I miss how things were before they all fell apart,
but it was worth ending.
and you still have your scarf and my painting
I still have your poems
she still has her cd
he displays the Prince button
and every day,
in every way,
we are getting better and better.
CJ another term my friends used for cigeretts 020806
josie Square songs.

*It's the square-cle of life.
*It's hip to be square.
*Square, magic square.
*Square the dinosaur.
Blake Accidently square st.
rock around the square
the squaremotion
like a rolling square
josie *i honestly square you 020822
marjorie six sides 030107
Erling Like, "L 7" 030321
jane i prefer ze circle 030511
shivers circles r dull 030511
jane on the contrary
i think circles are fascinating
they are infinite
Tropylium Hello, my name is Regular Tetragon -- just call me Square tho'. I've roots. 050505
iAgree Welcome to the coalition_of_the_witty 060407
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