auto cross reference system Jisy's baby.

See rex.
whoknows ha! 011209
bethany did anyone see that educational movie entitled dinosaur starring fred savage
he went to a rock in the middle of a cave and opened it and a 93min story developed explaining 1980's theory on prehistoric times for a pre teen audience
shadesofgrey i was going through a bunch of boxes in my room and i found a coloring book full of dinosaur pictures! it was really pretty exciting. so now i shall relocate my crayons and have hours of fun with my new found (soon not to be so) black and white pictures. 020815
Whitechocolatewalrus My best friend is a dinosaur. He likes grass. Green tasty grass. I have to hide my dinosaur sometimes because my parents don't completely approve. They like dinosaurs, but they are afraid he might eat me. They don't understand that friends don't eat friends. 031109
wtf crack kills 040804
Vanessa dear wtf
be nice
uow i want to be a dinosaur someday 040819
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