typhoid and she was lying in the grass...
and she could see the highway breathing...
crimson piles Lawn Mower
I used to love the smell of freshly-mowed grass.
It smelled like barbecues at dusk.
Mosquitoes, kids with chicken greased fingers
butterflies, and Spring.
The hot sun on my freckled face.
But now it stings my throat.
It grabs the back of my eyes
and pinches my tongue.
Because it reminds me of you.
Your whirling metal blades
cutting what's been there too long.
like rain. you pulled me close as we lay there, under the sliver of the moon and a spattering of stars, the occassional misguided biker speeding past. i cried into your neck, hidden away under your head, and you stroked my back, telling me that it would be okay. i knew that i was frightening you, but when i looked up and saw you in that sourceless light, solemn eyes, rumpled hair, baggy shirt, i couldn't believe that you were holding me, that i had someone that beautiful to turn to.

and it made me cry even harder.
Anaalridder We gingen zitten in het grass. ehehehe. Ze trok mijn genotstaaf (die ondertussen al behoorlijk opgezwollen was) uit mijn broek en zoog zoals ze nog nooit gezogen had. Na ongeveer een halfuur van zeer geile pleasure neukte ik haar in haar geile neukgrot. De lucht was niet alles, maar die pijpbeurt deed een hoop vergeten. Morgen meer onzin , de doekels !! 010717
sunshine beg Hey guys! The grass is wet! The grass is wet! 011106
ClairE You were sad that "Grass" had been discontinued, and even found fit to talk about it, but I never liked the smell of "freshly_mown hay".

It smells like semen. EW.

Boys love the smell.
Dack Rambo is my father I wish I weren't allergic to grass. I want to roll around in it and see what shapes the clouds makes as the sun sets behind the hill I'm dreaming on. 020405
phil Grass is just like the plague 020405
LawnGnomeFreak That's the green stuff that hordes pollen...
Kill it all!

Why doesn't it produce grass-fruit? I think it would taste good...
misstree 000407
the life of a blade of grass
must be hard. rained on, stepped on,
decapitated on a regular basis
for the sake of appearance
rather than being left to grow
wild and free and full of life.
to be lost in a sea of your brethren,
indistinguishable and unnoticed
except en masse...

i suppose, though, that there may be
interesting bits;
to be trodden upon barefoot,
or to cushion the earth for entangled lovers,
or to become a somersault stain on a child's knee.

but for the rest of it,
the life of a blade of grass
must be hard.
falling_alone like everything else i'm allergic to you 031223
erin. if i get married, i would like there to be daisies and grass. 060104
ass facely shock me too, the things we used to do on grass

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