unhinged surprise surprise the american_fascists are entangled with the white supremacists and people wonder why the republican party is currently in the state it's in

'the ties by the christian right leaders such as perkins with racist groups highlight the long ties between right-wing fundamentalists and american racist organizations, including the klan, which had a chaplain assigned to each chapter. during the depression, when many on the right and in corporate america were openly flirting with fascism, fundamentalist preachers such as gerald b.winrod and gerald l.k. smith fused national and christian symbols to advocate the country's first crude form of christo-fascism. smith, who openly admired the nazis, founded a group called the christian nationalist crusade, whose magazine was 'the cross and the flag'. the movement proclaimed that 'christian character is the basis of real americanism.'

by the late 1950s these radical christians had drifted to the fiercely anticommunist john birch society. many of the ideas championed by today's dominionists - the bizarre conspiracy theories, the calls for unrestrained capitalism, the war against 'liberal' organizations such as mainstream media and groups such as the ACLU, along with the calls to dismantle federal agencies that deal with housing or education - are drawn from the ideology of this rabid anticommunist enclave.' - chris hedges
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