amy cage (or kage?)- the superest character on Ally McBeal. way better than Ally or Georgia or boring Billy. Nell used to be cool.

John likes frogs.
john I hate this name. Every time my lover sends me a letter, I have a heart attack. 991219
girl a hooker's client

a toilet

+ Doe = a generalization of a man

a real guy
i dont know anyone named john anymore but im sure there are several out there it is a very common name

in grade school i knew a guy of that name only he spelled it jon
maggie Was he an apostle? 000729
datura i know a lot of johns.
i have an uncle john.
and the apostle john.
and pope john paul.
(once i had a shrink called paul.)
and a few weeks i watched fawlty towers which has john cleese in it.
i think there are too many people called john, and that there should be a quota on that name.
slayer2 John Stamos was on General Hospital as "Blackey", played on "Full House" and is married to a supermodel. Greco was on 21 jump street and did some b movies. 001212
deb no one with that name
can possibly be good
aj you told me *i wake up because some people just shine.* you do. and most of the time i'm too blind to see that you're the brightest. 010122
moonshine I've never met anyone named john that was good. Infact I have a restraining order againts a john. They don't call em johns for nothing I suppose. 010122
Dafremen John rocks. I mean if you take NOTHING at all away from the Bible, John makes sure that you hear a good story at least. He really takes you there, and when he's done, yer THAT'S what happened! (Whether it actually happened or not is entirely irrelevant) Yea John was the Stephen King of his time. What a spellbinding storyteller that guy was. I bet he was a blast at parties! 010219
stark Frusciante is the greatest John 010227
the boy with the thorn in his side I'm so tired of this skin.

"The boy with the thorn in his side
behind the hatred there lies
a plundering desire for love
how can they see the Love in our eyes
and still they dont believe us
and after all this time
they dont want to believe us
and if they dont believe us now
will they ever believe us?
and when you want to Live
how do you start?
where do you go?
who do you know?"
-The Smiths
psychobabe i konw a john. I love him to death. No one but me and a few others know of him...and i like it that way 010426
girl he spelled it j o n and he was jewish. 010622
johnny west The name of the guy who screwed me (not in the fun, sexual way). Or is it Bill? Whatever his name is, he's lucky I live too far away to hunt him down and asphyxiate him with his own innards. Stupid scumfuck. 010703
i need drugs from the overheard fragment of a later conversation, i think this was the name of the boyfriend she didn't bother to tell me she had. 010703
vampers i hate this name. the very sound of it makes me want to throw up and slap myself. my god what the hell was i thinking?! almost 3 years with that god damn loser! 010703
girl i also almost dated a guy named john. he was pagan. he was fantastic in bed. 010809
distorted tendencies ..makes me feel like shit and insignificant. he makes me feel inferior and self-concious. i feel self loathing when iam with him because he makes me feel like i am not good enough, just dirt. i feel like having a nervous breakdown whenever i am with him, he is manipulative and just throws me around like extra weight.sometimes i try and hate him and tell myself to just avoid him and ignore him. but i have to care and give equally to everyone. he is not happy so i try to make him happy when he is happy.. that's when everything is alright, even if only for a few minutes.he can make me laugh happily and cry until i feel like my head is going to explode. but i still try and try and try.. for what? to better myself. to better him. and to make it easier for those around him.

/all my efforts were and are in vain. i still try. and try. and try. because i love him and care./
distorted tendencies and if i was there.. i would comfort you. like i always do. 010826
girl a very sweet very tall boy that im trying to not fall in love with.
whenever i think if him and i feel my heart swell i try to think of things about him that i dont like and reasons why it wouldnt work out.
id really like to be able to just go with my feelings and see where they lead but i cant right now.
..when i look at him i want to cry
psychobabe you are a fucking ass you know that? everyday i see you, no hurt, no anguish no remorse. The fact that i see you tho is a weak and pathetic thing. Being over you has passed, the whole childish stage you kept us at. You cant fucking get it through your head either that i am a person just as much as you fucking are can you!?

"you are like no other girl i know, they all tell me what they wanna do and what they want but you dont say anything, you only say whatever makes you happy" is what you fucking said. GOD YOUR AN ASS!

I thought things could work, maybe i could change myself to see if you'd like me then, Damn i was wrong. Fucking wrong like i've somehow always been with you. And now its over, i'm past the feeling that i felt for you such awhile ago and i have moved. It seems you havent tho. You sit there, you look at me dont think i dont notice from the corner of my eye. You say things to your friends that you like me but fucking i could care less now. I've given up on you and its through. That fact tho that i'm happy now seems to be makeing you miserable

which i could fucking care less about
ClairE It seems Johns are just as big assholes as Jons, at least on blather.
On the other hand, Seths seem to be great boyfriend material.
distorted tendencies Why is it so hard to let go?

All I want is you..

I'm so alone.
. . 011218
head over heels i was so strong i thought that i could deny it or fight it and now i know i cant and ive alowed myself to fall in love with you.
this wasnt supposed to happen.
and you whisper in my ear in a breathy voice "i love you"
and i want to breathe u in and hold u, touch u and taste u
and ill look in your eyes for hours and see everything
it seems every day i fall a little further

......and i will just keep falling, freely

....until i hit the bottom and break my neck
kelli crane hello, my brother John. How's it going? I miss you.

Tear it up it ain't yours. Your a short string of fish. Heavy?
sad girl im sorry

its been 2 hours and i miss u so much.

i wish i didnt feel like i needed to exile myself from u and your love.
i almost ran outside and stopped you from leaving and called the break up off. i was outside and i was so afraid to look at u again.
you are so great and you really deserve someone so much better than me.
you are a gentleman and there are few of you left.
maybe our hearts are closer than i had ever imagined because as i broke your heart i broke mine as well.

even if we never got back together
i beg you
please forgive me
SuicidalAngel I liked John Wilson from 4th to 9th grade, never asked him out, just admired him. I haven't talked to him in years but last night Clayton, John and I went to Tracy's birthday party. It was kind of weird and who would have known, the whole time I was admiring him, I would one day be smoking up and partying with him. 020120
Fairy tales lie My name is John, that part is true. Please prey tell, how I've been an asshole to you? I live my life, the best that I can. I bring a smile to to the face of my friends. Everynight I lay all alone. No one to talk to no ring on the phone. the few that I loved and loved to this day. Never found the feelings to throw back my way. But still I belive in love at first sight, in love that is true, in love left to find. Jessica's her name, far away is the place. To far for it seems, cause in her heart I've been replaced. the words she said to console me that night. Sting in my heart like a rollercoasters dive. Someday you will, make someone so happy. I reply wiht hesitation, I thought you might be she. A moments pause as times all stood still, God I wish I loved you like you loved me.

So now to sleep I must go. the rest that awaits won't be that well. I'll toss and I'll turn cursing time and to god. God, oh why have you broken my heart?

My name is John, of that I am sure. The price I now pay, is for being a dreamer.
distorted tendencies Haven't spoken to him for two weeks. There is a certain freedom that comes when you learn to let go of abuse. 020123
beulah i love john, she loves paul. 020126
Heather John_Frusciante is awesome. 020912
me i love you john 021222
ian is english for ian 030604
hereiam hmm ... or is it brian?
he's alright
he can talk!
he should be the pope!!
hereiam incidentally mr. snazztastic is a john too ... i happen to have many johns in my sphere. coincidence? i think not. 030722
thespacebetween i love you 031130
Sundari Raine All-county boys volleyball #1. Awesome guy. 040515
datkeedfrmdefinyrd me 041011
ofsuch i love you too. almost as much as you love nintendo. 070101
Jen I love you. I have loved you from the first word you typed to me, and I've never stopped.

I remember what it was like when you came here for the first time, and left to go home. I remember holding you in the airport parking lot and sobbing like my life was over - I couldn't imagine letting you go. And then you decided to move here.

For years it has been a balance... because I've known you weren't happy here, but I thought love would be enough until I could figure out how to surprise you and say we could move back... back to California... back to the world you loved. I love you enough that all I've ever wanted was for you to be happy.

Somewhere along the way, things changed. We stopped trying so hard, our relationship got taken for granted. You decided, after almost 6 years, that it just wasn't for you.

How do you come to a decision like that without talking to me? Without giving us a chance to fix it?

I love you enough to let you go. It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do, except for coming to terms about the baby --your baby-- that I miscarried. I want you to be happy, I only wish it was with me.
heartfeltsuperego what the fuck was i thinking? I wasn't. That wasn't the problem. The problem was when I did start thinking. About him seriously. The fantasies got deeper. They were fantasies of what my emotions might become. I am prone to sudden and ferocious crushes - so says the okcupid dating persona quiz. I know that. I can't control it. I fall when I fall, it's a tick. I crush so hard I crush myself. I don't like a lot of guys. I really liked this one. This time I really landed on my face, I am unrecognizable. I feel different too.
As I let this go, (this, the trail of which has been gone for months, and all I am really letting go is hope) I feel a possibility of lighter being. In contrast it was the hope which kept me captive while I held onto it. Hope is a solitary fly in a jar, held in the hand of a sullen girl. Goodbye hope, Pandora is letting you go free. Get away from me.
It's like he destroyed me, an aspect of me. That aspect was reality for all that time. My thoughts were in another dimension, searching the possibilities of probability to find him. I'm back now. Back to work in my own garden.

I send you peace baby. Love in another life.
Lemon_Soda You were beyond words to me. I am very happy we are still so close. I always feel close too you, even though you are so far, far away. 111024
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