p2 so you're married now
and soon i will be too
i hope he can give you everything
that i could not
Sintina feels like a cuss word.
makes my skin crawl.
won't happen for a long time.
eventually, we'll figure things out, work things out, and we'll either end it all, cause that'll be better for both of us,
or we'll eventually marry one another, cause we find we love and respect each other and can work as a team well enough for the rest of our lives.
eventually. a long time down the line.
When married isn't a scary, skin-crawly, creep-tastic word!!
I can't believe I even thought of it!
~feels dirty~
but that's all there ever is.
marriage or the end of the relationship.
~shivers~ yuck.
niecespieces So you're getting married.
The hashtags are innumerable on my facebook cyber wall.

The group of you is strong. Friends bound by common interest, then common work, then common God. You sit together, laugh together, git ur nailz did and I sit here cracking another beer with my camping knife wondering what the fuck happened, and how do people stay in touch?
unhinged is a foreign concept to me 150531
flowerock It's kind of a fun_in_love after_thought. We're already in_love, happy, been together a long time and looking forward to even more time... so it's a sweet, romantic, fun concept... not necessary, just cute. I would marry my heartmate right now : ) but the whole paper from the government thing is no longer something I require.

The trouble comes when you do it for the wrong reasons... I thought I was in love once, maybe I was, but I sure wasn't happy or looking forward to more of it with that person, but I thought for some stupid reason that being married would somehow lead us into magical happiness and joy and fix_it. It did not, it just made finally_leaving more complicated.
nr would 'to obtain a green card' be considered a wrong reason? (joking. mostly.) 150531
nr the thought has crossed my mind that if you were ever to ask me to get-real married—i mean, to help me stay in the country, yes, but also to be married—there's a good chance i'd accept. because it is just a slip of paper; the more significant thing to me is that i thought i'd probably be happy spending a long period of life with you.

and then this thinking, among other thoughts, made me scold myself.
what's it to you?
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