SomeoneElse What I find to be of interest today is that for all my recent struggles and fights and torment of late, I suddenly find myself not caring about it, about you.
It seems that now I have what I want, I no longer want it.
That which has interested and comsumed me for the last few months suddenly feels inconsequentual.
You really aren't that special to me anymore.
I don't know that I would care if I never spoke to you again.
Oh the hilarity, (irony), of the emotions...
anon she is the one i see when my infatuation isnt to be seen. she is pretty and petit and ideal for a new. she is sweet and she smiles. there is no stink between her and me and there is nothing to keep me from her. she is what i want or what i would like. she is what i think would be nice. her possibilities are endless. i can look at her and smile and she would smile back and she would laugh. she is the to be or might be or anything can be. 031029
Charity There are very few people that are able to catch my interest. Hence, the reason I am typing this silly message, in hopes to get a response from the mastermind that is responsible for creating this website that would take me months to analyze. I am looking forward to exchanging knowledge with you. 040810
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