amy too many words, all strung together 980906
Leah My mother stands across from me
she dreams of father endlessly in strands of nightmare-ish thoughts
where he chainsmokes and drinks gallons of vodka and beer
she hasn’t had sex in years.
It’s not the calm that keeps her that way, it is the mental coma
that was built for her the day my father died.
angela wow, Leah, that was great. 000331
enon everything, i feel is going there. 000621
lokkust feels like forever 000621
silentbob is blather really endless? does it go on forever? is it really impossible to see everything?
if it all stopped right now, could it all be caught up?
Jon torment. Not being with you is that allways. But it's not your fault. It's me. 001005
constella lost in a world of absolute darkness
falling deeper and deeper into a pit of black
all alone with no one around
cying aloud help me
my soft crys are left un answered
pity me oh lord
get me through this
i no longer see daylight
soon no light at all
i have fallen into a never ending nightfall
i cannot find myself
my own body i cannot find
i am a soul wondering around in the dark
what has happened
where went the sunshine and happiness
my own world is so bleak
each day worsens
how bad can it get
i can faintly remember my foolish words at the start of my quest
there is no end to evil
no end to hate
pity or

no end

[i am working on this]
the one ive had dreams where the sky seemed endless and you were here, not away. we were in love like their was no tomorrow and every word was a feeling held inside our hands. 011204
Spoon! so i wonder why people say that "the road goes on forever and the party never ends" cause eventually robert earl king in all of his infinite wisdom.....hell die.....stevie ray vaughn....jerry jeff walker?hell even willie nelson will someday....curl up and die....so where does the party ond? maybe marriage......maybe divorce....maybe it just doesnt and life is just a party.....or at least what you make of it.... 020610
meeting people is freakizh there's tunnel at the end of the tunnel. 020610
the hogfather stream of thought.
i can never stick to talking about one thing, i always have to mix thigns up.
User24 you don't mind me not using your full blather name, do you? 030705
Death of a Rose infinitys' sister 031016
endless desire User24, do you mean me? 031016
u24 yes. 031214
des im sorry 031218
bumpy bumpy 031231
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Destruction (awol)
Desire & Despair (twins)
Delirium (formerly Delight)
bonaparte it's endless and i wonder if the colors change. will they? 040308
Riva torture
ethereal this year and these troubles seem endless. 040309
x weightless 040309
freedom where did it start.. it can't be an endless circle..can it? 040321
Scottypottamus describes the names ive had and the trials i'll face with each one and its predecessor as a punishment 041116
just love 050321
. whatever happened to this girl 050321
endless desire hi, im here. 050328
Piso Mojado hey- i was worried about you 050328
. i miss you a lot, des 050328
realistic optimist endless desire appears to work hard to keep her humanity in the face of life's vampiric, hardening nature. and for that, i admire her, as that is a quality i strive for myself. 050328
oldephebe hey endless. 050701
when darkness falls night
() ( see: recursive and curcularity and blather_time ) 061206
that is circularity 061206

awak en dless is the blather of consciousness.
Lonbot there is an island in the south pacific made of cocaine 130912
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