jorge overcomes my senses when I revolve things around in my head too much. 980914
blind is a way of being honest with yourself 980916
emily The time when you are realistic with yourself. 990305
Joana. What?
I can't understand you...
I don't know what you mean...
I don't care...
You're making me cry for no reason at all...
My head hurts...
Please make sense...
Please return to what you were before...
Don't start feeling like that again...
Don't think of those things that only make you more hurt...
I'm sorry for my words...
I'll never forgive myself for what I've just told you...
You can make the closure now...
It's only the fairest thing to do.
fairydust I wouldn't want you to lie to me
I wouldn't want the truth
just to say good-bye and walk away
Leave me alone.
But don't leave me here all alone-
I am scared of the nothingness.
Come here and touch me,
I will hold you too.
Is that what you want?
Because you never had a mommy?
Well, i never had a daddy and i want it to be you.
So come here and we'll improvise,
Mommy and daddy, you and me,
you are me and i am him and you are her and you are he and i am she and we are we.
WoNDERGIRL is what happens
when listening
to "the real slim shady"
for, like,
the thirteenth time in a row
The Schleiffen Man eschew obfuscation 000924
kx21 One of the Five Deadly SINS:
Confusion which generated by

star* when are you serious and when are you joking?
don't mess with my head.
i wish you were here.
i wish i could see you.
do you want to know me?
i want to know you.
violette i stay in a contstant state of confusion. i used to try and deny it, but now i embrace it. it's comforting. not knowing what's going on, it lifts responsibility from your shoulders. moments of chaos seem to be more easily captured in words than moments of clarity. and words are what i live on. 010409
destination? one man's confusion is another man's clafity 010506
pink Paint I'm just confussed. 010523
Wheres Zola Nola? as in fussy,
as in a map of confussed language.
j_blue You just can't believe me
When I show you what you mean to me
You just can't believe me
When I show you what you cannot see

You're hiding from feelings, searching for more
Sharing and hoping, untouched for so long
Our lives still change from the way that we were
And now I'll tell you something I think you should know
You just can't believe me
When I show you what you mean to me
You just can't believe me
When I show you what you cannot see

You cause me confusion, you told me you cared
He's calling these changes that last to the end
Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies
The past is your present, the future is mine
You just can't believe me
When I show you what you mean to me
You just can't believe me
When I show you what you cannot see

You tell me you need me, I'll make it this time
The thread won't divide us, the sensation survives
I was sure that I told you it was good from the face
You've caused me some problems, you've taken my place

Why can't you see what you mean to me?

New Order: Confusion
. too emotional. 010524
cali j happens right before clarity 010528
silentbob and sometimes a while before, too 010528
nocturnal the eternal haze that makes up the content of my entire life. 010528
BrittStar i sit and think....wonder how...wonder why...i can't understand...i'm curious...i want to do i find me figuree it all out...please? 010611
moreconfusedwitheverywordisaytoyou ..THINGS just t h i n g s-- you've got me all T Wis T eD inside mySelF-- i dont know what to think what to say and EVERYTHING is so much more complicated when you are with me but i dont think i can live without the complications you give me-- i HOPE TO GOD you know that you have R ui NEd any possibility of me having normal relationships with people EVER again, whenever i find myself lOOkiNg for someone new, NOTHING they say and NOTHING they do and NOTHING they feel can ever compare to the fEE l iNg you gave to me-- and its unintentional which is the ScARy part about the whole thing. i told them i wanted BUt tE rFl iEs-- and i have tried searching but all i get when i look for the *feeling*...

is you..
god ah yass... those wastrels down the lane what with that looney "jass" on the victrola all hours of the night....
unique butterfly is what i feel. the words spoken to me yesterday have confused me beyond my own words. 011109
whoknows confuddledness 011109
silent storm Something within me has that I thought was dead has been awakened. I'm not used to it. I don't even know what to call it.
Was it you who made it happen? Maybe. Perhaps it wasn't and I just want it to be you.
Is it good or bad? That depends on how you look at it, and unfortunately, on what certain people think.
silent storm Take out that first "has."
Sorry. I'm anal.
moi what happened to me? 020208
Kiana* Confusion over the Stupid things in life like boys in not worth your tears and stuff. Just go with it until your happy. 020401
birdmad damn, j_blue beat me to where i was going with this one (new_order) 020401
melissah i stare into your eyes
a fierce storm of confusion
and altough i realize youre angry
all i can think is...
confusion is sexy.
ducki despite confusion
love this life
Insat You are the sun that brightens my day.
Words, feelings,peace, harmony, comfort, blather, emotions.

You're also the rain that drowns my vision.
Distortion, manipulation, no connection, words, fears, confusion, no conclusion.
girl_jane ends 030201
andrew Too much confusion, I can't get no relief.
I'm feeling so sick of you right now.
angelA im sick of me too.
its not suppose to happen this way.
nothing ever follows my plan.
i knew i never wrote this anyway.
where are my cds at?
Syrope i'm in the worst mood i've been in a long time, and everybody thinks i'm doing it on purpose.
i'm stressed because my best friend isn't speaking to me and has two volumes of my mscl set AND my senior yearbook.
i'm stressed because for the next two weekends i'm expected to go to these two where nothing i do is ever good enough, and another where i'm such a goddamn despised overachiever.
i'm stressed because i can't get ahead on my homework. no matter how much i do, there's always more...and i don't really understand any of it. the one part of my life i have always been able to control is slipping away.

when you're on question 68 of a 100 question online economics review quiz, is it so insane to cry when it all disappears because of a link you accidentally clicked on when you tried to scroll?
is it so insane to be this confused, this distant, this upset all the time?

i don't want to be the only one
filep brings people together 030516
Maybe Nat Would Say I am Still Waiting for you. Waiting for the last sense of confusion to dry up and leave the rain forest...its dying. goodbye. 030613
god onion on my bare skull. metronome, alaska 030613
ChiselMouth A theme of late... the more i learn, the less i know...

If ignorance is bliss... shouldn't confusion be contentment?
konfused sometimes I think life itself might be one giant state of confusion. confused? me too.

Confucious say: confusion is what confucious wants to confuse you with. (he didn't say that)
PhotoChicken Lingering question in my head
So many things left unsaid
Is this truly meant to be
right now, is he really the guy for me?
unanswered question drives me mad
If it ends will I miss what I could have had?
If I decide to give it a chance
what will come out of this romance?
Do I really like this boy
or am i once again just out to destroy?
Or is it just that i am afraid,
I need more than ever someone at my aid,
before my heart begins to fade
I need a choice, I need it now
this feeling they should disallow
This thought will continue on in my head
perhaps until the day I'm dead.
But till that time I will live it through.
and try to not be afraid,
for I really do want to like ****
aauuggh im soooo confused 031118
me I'm confused 040104
shisudas I'm confused 040228
smurfus rex Zombie Nation's "Confusion" is often mislabeled "Bloodbath Dance" 040229
bri ridiculed by the lonely
put down by the weak
yelled at by the quiet
stomped on by motionless feet
gazed upon by the blind
heard by the deaf
bought by the poor
found by the ones who were left...
Dan Moyer Death to hate for those who do as
it would be or should be a disease
if you please. For is it not or has it been
the standard lie? To focus or to select
the bomb? A grenade, a hole, a mistake
intend not to mend my friend.
anonymous when you are confused about everything and your personality is broken by the miserable events of the past, who do you go to? i pray to god and believe in him and i ask for strength intelligence and happiness, but my mind remains a blur to me. who do you go to when your confidence is shattered? what do you do in such matters. its not like i can sit here and think up a storm until all my problems are solved. will one day things go back to the happiness and content i once had? i cry for help and hope to be heard, someone take the mist from my mind and replace it with security 050204
phil get up early on a free day
don't eat any breakfast
How will you look back on this day?

If you are unsure or confused about something, what would you have to do to solve it?

Try and remember your past, any time you were impressive or anytime that you helped someone in need.
phil Improve your intelligence. 050204
Nocturne snails than slower ,it rework to try fools As
entails it all and rhyme this To
control all and yourself losing While
whole a as life of mockery the enjoy Just
when or ,why ,what ,who about worry not And
bring can it confusion the mimic instead us Let
?again and again mistakes past repeat we which In
ring endless an just life not is But
understood be to meaning the For
corrected be to need wouldn't it Perhaps
should usually statements as word to word from Going
expected as was thing whole this If
.nom that was awesome Nocturne. 050217
.nom awesome
Nocturne was that)
nocturnal again? seriously?! of course it's confusing; to them it's reality, to me it's more like a fictional story line with which to amuse myself until I find it in real life...but I never do. pathetic. 070105
kuffsleeve kuffusion
heartfeltsuperego continuous 120307
no reason i just went from spontaneously crying for almost no reason to laughing endlessly at random ridiculousness, in less than ten minutes

(my brain needs a rest)
Vieodkaer I am quite sure of it! The boundaries are looser but there is an unmistakeable no sorry too early 130912
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