dallas bright in the sky, ouchy. 980901
eric the local Source of our Light, radiating yellow beneficence. 980903
jeff the sun - a blessing and a curse. the reason why we are here, and yet a painful reminder of that which we cannot stop. time passes, the days and nights follow one another, blissfully unaware and uncaring of our oblivion. all the while, the sun still lives on. 980905
amy shining, hiding, shining, shining, hiding 980906
borge A mass of incandescent gas,
A gigantic nuclear furnace,
Where hydrogen turns to helium
At a temperature of millions of degrees.
margo it's amazing how it can feel so nice and warm and comforting on your skin one day and the next it can be so painful and ugly. 980920
sarah jane I need shelter from the cancer-rays 981014
you don't put shrooms in it. 981025
k shines silvery into my eyes when it hits the picnic tables at school. too hot where i live. 981120
emma also a computer.
i want one. i think.
Danny its a stupid thought but its my escape. I'm moving to the sun, is how I sometimes think. Its so far, so bright, so dumb. Both of them 990209
Paul It's funny how you need to protect your computer from direct sunlight, and how your computer keeps you inside, away from the sun. 990209
Rainer Krauss the sun loves you. it will shine for you no matter who you are and no matter what you did and no matter what you'll do. 990210
dican the onlu thing that makes us live 990311
Sher "Here comes the Sun, little darling" ... remember who we are ... remember our committments 990312
groovinkim sun is something i don't see often,
living in seattle where it rains
almost every day. but living here
has made me appreciate it that much
more. when it comes out everyone
shouts "FUCK YEAH!" and skips work
and puts on shorts even if it is
sixty degrees and talks about how
beautiful it is.

but i miss it when it disappears..
i think i must follow it south to
san francisco someday.
kr8 it's her avatar
and if you know her
you know why
ricmariem i hate its ultraviolet rays
i love its bright light
i hate it when it touches my face
i love its time, it gives us sight
ivy is a big yelloworangey orb which looks pretty neato when you can see the big ole flames shootin' offa it.
it makes a heck of a tea, too.

i can do without 120 degree weather which is that yellow bastards fault, i tell ya.
Tess the winter sun comes out every once in awhile here in Seattle. like right_now, for instance. 000114
gr8escape without it , life is not as exciting.

When our sun is hidden behind clouds
and the grey permeates all
it can cause the mind to seem grey as well
gr8escape so take advantage of it!!!!! 000521
mike In my mind I see it shooting across the sky. It appears and dissappears from and behind the horizon, burning and flashing. I see myself awakening, sleeping, awakening, feverishly busy, then sleeping, again and again a thousand times a minute. time passes as the earth spins around the sun, or an electron spins around a nucleus-- a million times a second. 000527
WoNDERGIRL You're asking why I can't look directly at you when I speak, but the sun is in my eyes. You can't see it? The sun, it's in my eyes. 000527
moonshine I m all for a giant lampshade for the sun. Definite solution to global warming.. 000528
yolanda i get tired of the sun, especially when i'm living in california... the sun doesn't care one bit. but it has to be there. it exists. it has to, cuz when it's gone, i'm gone with it. 000529
me? sunrise 000601
typhoid ahh! too much brightness!
someone turn down the sun!
birdmad "...i know you'll be the sun
in somebody else's sky

but why (why)
can't it be

Brad "The Midnight Sun will Never Set." Quincy Jones. A beautiful overlooked tune. Phineas Newborn has the best version ive ever heard. 000914
rollins they stole the sun and put a fake one up in its place
it doenst burn as brightly as the real one did. thats all right. i'll burn for you.
birdmad dance.

lodge the hooks in my chest and leave me to hang til the spirits come with the vision
peyton And then the sun descended, and the night arose.. and I heard my father cursing everyone he knows..

He was dangerous and drunk and defeated and corroded by failure and envy and hate..

There were endless winters and the dreams would freeze, nowhere to hide.. and no leaves on the trees.. And my father's eyes were blank, as hit me again and again and again..

I know I still believe he'd never let me leave, I had to run away alone..

So many wasted threats and fears.. so many wasted years.. until my life became my own..

And though the nightmare should be over, some of the terrors are still intact... I'll hear that ugly coarse and iron voice, and then he grabs me from behind..

And then he pulls me back..

- Meatloaf
"Objects in the Rear View Mirror"
laura the little goths
run away in
swishing black,
their umbrellas
mouths screaming
fangs gleaming
ladybird you know what, it's really hard to stay sad when the sun's shining. Even when everything's shit and you hurt like hell because she doesn't love you and you've broken his heart and your friends all seem broken it sort of makes you warm inside and you go for ice cream and nothing else matters much
It's great
I love it
DannyH And it brings out all the prettiest girls too, or maybe they just look prettier.
Everyone loves shopping for sunglasses.
sam absolute
RAH you are the sun
i am the moon
you are the sun
i am the moon
two worlds away and only to meet on rare occasions... oh how i await our eclipse
birdmad daylight is not my friend

waiting for night to come around again
if we could talk the sun bows to the voices of many souls 020201
god i could do this til the sun goes out. 020409
red as long as it rises and sets you will be the one 020909
Ishtitoon I am a part of it. 021130
scuzz The Sun, the unforgetable exposure to colors and shapes. Sizes, ringing and dwelling in one's self. The Sun. 021204
me i love to watch the sun come up over the horizon with you 021220
girl_jane Blather red took me to it's sun page twice within ten minutes before I wrote anything there. Then, about a week later, I end up here.

I'm waiting for June. That's when the sun will rise.
phreekk the sun will never set on my empyre 030613
ontherocks lower to the horizon, yet farther from the earth.

leaves us cold and shallow.
brent You woke up in the silver strains of moonlight,
an icy goddess handing you her crown,
but near the edge of morning, on the mountain,
The sun presents its fiery, heavy gown.
j i l l i a n i heart summer 040211
emily a second is the time it takes for him to lean in
it takes another second for him to close his eyes and put his lips on mine..
as if seconds later..
i lay there thinking.. whay am i lettin ghim go..
i love him..
we did kiss
but i never told him i loved him
and now he's leaving...
is it too late??

-guys please if you read this i have a question..
i never told him i loved him and now he is with this girl he doesnt love... he's moving next year,
half way accross the country...
should i tell him?
if i do does it change anything..?
im going to miss him more than the sun misses the sky, or the stars miss the moon...
lou_la_belle oh mr. sun, sun, mr. golden sun, hiding behind the tree, these little children are asking you to please come out so they can play with you, oh mr. sun, sun, mr. golden please shine down on, please shine down, please shine down on me! 040406
nathan h i saw it shining once 040406
tr people say it's warm when the sun shines- I'm gonna find out one day.
I hope.
I dont know The yellow old enemy...but it's beautiful when it killed the beast. 061113
flasch It lights you up, and it blinds you.

Come to think of it, it burns too. But so do coffee.
hsg the_center_of_the_sun is

(wi [t {h)e] ((art))}

pump consciousness through systems via lil packets of light.

sweating, pouring divine permutations from (tran c [e)nter in {g] od}d awakening perimeters

la [w) illusion

illuminaugh t ric KEY humor

a star a munksthe blackground
a feeled of intuiti(a)m
thoughts as imple meant all dots poking true.
flowerock Sun sourced FractaLovEternaLifEnthusiast

Sun sourced life force, eternalife is without end or beginning. continuous cycles of bloom and decay, nurture and harvest. trees let the ground breathe sunshine from their leaves through their roots, this is love. I love you, so I want to share this warmth of live, beautiful nourishing loving rays of light, and in return, the ground holds water and shares it through the roots, up to the leaves... eternalove.
flowerock spot
sun_spot is what I called you in my mind before we re-met.
what's it to you?
who go